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As the United States gained freedom from the British and started to form its own laws and regulations with the creation of the Constitution, it’s economy started to transform as well. With the economic structure growing, it meant many things for America : farmers grew crops for profit (not self – sufficiency), factories were created in the North, and the middle class emerged. A ll of this was made possible through the integration of techno logies from the Industrial Revolution in Europe , which allowed America to create means which made transportation and communication easier . This era was formally known as the Market Revolution. The significance of the Market Revolution was that because Americans were able to produce and manufacture their own goods for profit, they were able to trade within the country instead of having to depend on foreign imports. This led to an increase in job demands and even pay. Ad ditionally, the introduction of steamboats , created by Robert Fulton, dramatically made transportation cheaper and faster as goods could be transferred on canals . But perhaps the most important invention of all during the Market Revolution was the railroad , introduced in 1828 . Within just 32 years, there were more than 30,000 miles of railroads in the United States. This meant that goods were being purchased, sold, and delivered at a rate faster than ever before. In terms of communication, telegraphs advanc ed its industry. Telegraphs allowed businessmen to communicate faster, which allowed for transactions and operations to happen quicker. The inventions of this era were connected too, as telegraphs were widely available at railroad stations to allow communi cation between two stations that were across the country from each other. The impact of the Market Revolution is what we have to thank for the way we live our lives now. During this era, American transitioned from paying workers with a wage rather than pa ying them for how much product they produced. Our cellphones and even the internet are a byproduct of the Market Revolution. All of our daily essentials were founded on the Market Revolution.