As The HR round of interviews have

As new age organizations gear up to
conquer fresh challenges thrown in the ever changing business arena, it’s
imperative to invest continually on the overall development of the human
capital of the organizations. To drive high performance culture it’s important
to have an objective and scientific assessment of the need first.


With the latest interviewing and assessment
techniques we have come a long way in identification of the right talent,
however, when it comes to behaviour its more intangible, difficult to assess
and largely based on ‘gut feel’. The HR round of interviews have long been
dominated by assessment of body language, personality, background,
responses to behavioural event questions etc. Observations during the interview
process have been used as a predictor of behaviour.

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With the mounting competition, the
business implication of recruiting ‘not so fit’ may cost dearly to
organizations hence its now more important than ever to start measuring the
intangible behaviour in addition to the existing skills & knowledge


The psychometric tools, situation
judgement tests, simulations etc which have been traditionally used as part of
the assessment centres for internal developments, promotions etc are now
increasingly becoming part of the recruitment process also.


 The traditional assessment
centre is effective but has limited reach as it requires getting everyone
togther at the same time, logistics, lot of man-hours to assess and compile the
reports etc. With technology now enabling the assessment process we have an
opportunity to do an objective and data based behavioural assessment. 
With the advantage of ease of administration and greater meticulousness in the
results the virtual assessments can be used for a larger portion of workforce
now. Predicting & measuring the behaviour is more accurate with the tools
like online simulations, online phychometrics etc.


The virtual behavioral assessments
are all set to re-define the traditional assessment space and are a definitive
looking answer to the question of measuring intangible behaviours, thus
helping organizations to hire & retain talent.