As dust was heaved up out of

As wretched and malevolent the factories and their ascending fumes appeared, people became rather attached in the toils and labour they were obliged to fulfil in rightfully operating them. It seemed that only disaster and relentless calamities accompanied the very commencement of these establishments. The sun, which presented itself in my most fervent and vivid imaginations to be a region of sheer beauty, delight and splendour, was bitterly regimented and exploited by unduly gloomy fumes. Its broad and luminous disk appeared to skirt the horizon no more, as the grim air pervaded across the landscape, obstructing the diffusion of the sun’s perpetual brilliance. The dust was heaved up out of the meadows and directed black plumes into the breeze, like slender yet sluggish smoulder. This hostile air continually gave me a foretaste of those humid climes, inspiriting my contemplations upon solutions to resolve such evil forebodings, which continually aggravated, gradually and steadily. Oh poor and pitiable nature!, your beauty and sublimity are of boundless pleasure and contentment, yet the neglect of many has become the ultimate catalyst for your state of doom and intensifying afflictions. For not a thing could be more agonising and distressing to the human mind than, after the manipulation of feelings which follow the quick succession of proceedings. The desolate serenity of inaction and assurance which deprive the soul of both fortitude and fear. A sentimental longing and wistful affection overshadowed me, as i eagerly yearned the very spirit of kindness and indulgence of a companion. Moritz possessed a rather distinct temper, one which favours seclusion and abstains from a crowd, affiliating himself fervently to a few. Moritz and I were of peculiar temperaments, and indulged ardour in the most eccentric of matters. Although we were so flawlessly humane, so thoughtful in our generosity, so full of tenderness amidst our ardour of adventurous exploit, we were looked upon with reprimanding eyes of unorthodoxy. I approached Moritz’s dwelling wretchedly. So rapidly did my pulses beat that I sensed the palpitations within every artery of my body; at others, fatigue and extreme agitation nearly provoked my plummet to the ground. The bitterness of dismay overfilled me, mingled with inconceivable horror; dreams that had been my pleasant assurances for a prolonged time were now become a hell to me; and the alterations were so swift, the overthrow was well-nigh complete! For nature was my placid place of refuge and comfort in times of adversities and afflictions. Without it, i would be forever doomed, bedevilled and burdened by woeful misfortunes. My profound misery have proven to be inescapable, as nature’s intuitive capability transpire to be the mere solution in which i could obtain redemption from my multitude of distresses.My wretched plight and futile contemplations were however supplanted with feelings of delight and glee on seeing dear Moritz. He possessed a rather innocent countenance, mingled with a quiet and an inquisitive glance in his eyes; eyes like the timeless eyes of a statue. I grasped his hand, and all my dread and misfortunes were suddenly banished from my thoughts. Moreover, i sensed calm and serene joy, one which has been abolished from my existence since the establishment of the malevolent enterprises. I greeted my friend, therefore, in the most tranquil yet affectionate manner. ‘My dear Moritz, words alone cannot describe how delighted i am to behold your countenance!’ i exclaimed, ‘how fortunate indeed that you are present at the very moment of my past-bearing unhappiness.’ He appeared relieved and much enkindled in seeing me. ‘Most beloved Edward, i have an overwhelmingly obscure feeling that all is not over,’ he uttered whilst affixing his eyes on a rather parched and ragged map. Glimpsing the waxing spirit of enquiry within my eyes, Moritz handed me the map. My heart glowed with enthusiasm and my former agitation were dispelled, elevating me to heaven. I stared fixedly in bewilderment, as the map revealed what seemed to be a a seafaring route to ‘The land of sublimity and beauty’. A thrilling sensation overfilled me in perusing this statement, and utterly restored my fortitude and sensation. Our lives which proceeded in these perambulations: our health and lively spirits which had long been degraded, our loss of strength from the salubrious air we breathed and the natural incidents of our proceedings, ought to diminish and become consigned to the past. I wholeheartedly adored the scene illustrated by the map; and yet my sensation was still envenomed by the recollections of the past, but healed by the anticipation of the future and the utter delight it will endow through its sublime yet tranquil nature. I was deprived of patience and sought to embark on this maritime voyage as soon as possible. ‘Let us depart from such wretched place; which is so grotesque and malevolent in appearance, so destitute of nature’s sublime power, and traverse to this land of charm and allurement. It will truly compensate for our current state of melancholy and will render our long-desirable gratification in beholding nature’s scenery with its intuitive innateness.’ I asserted with much willingness. Like two peas in a pod, Moritz and I were of identical spirits, and sought our undertaking with relentless ardour; moreover with unrelaxed and and breathless zeal. He nodded with a bold disposition, one of tenacity and fortitude. ‘We shall meet ashore at dusk. I will hire a vessel for our undertaking and we will assuredly be wafted to a land surpassing in mere wonder and sublimity, as opposed to this land of unduly misery and immoral repugnance; Success ought to crown our endeavours. Wherefore not?’ I nodded at this saying, with a much gleeful gesture. With spirits of determination and resolution, we bid each other farewell, with minds firmly affixed to a much desirable purpose. For what is more consoling and tranquil to the mind, than the pursuit of a firmly deep-rooted and steady purpose? The sun was descending, skirting the horizon whilst diffusing its luminous splendour. However, that was only my presumption, for it was rather strenuous to truly behold such sublime magnificence, when the innumerable surrounding factories continually ejected gloomy fumes, befouling the purity of the air. I tired in vain to overlook my past’s indulgence and to put trust only in the journey’s undiscovered solitudes. Fo what may be lively in a place of sublimity and serene attributes? The marvellous power which attracts the needle; and may organise a thousand celestial observations, that demand only this voyage to render our eccentricities consisted forever. These gratifying reflections have dispelled by apprehension, and my heart illuminated with immense enthusiasm and impulse, entrancing my soul and inclining it to heaven. I proceeded towards the shore with firm courage and resolution, eager to embark on a secure route over the pathless seas: the sublime stars themselves being testifiers of my triumph, should I subsist the expedition, which i instinctively infer it to be of perilous nature. Yet i do not presume, because my instincts shall conceive a consolation, that i am wavering in my resolutions. Those are as steady as fate. I inspected the shore for Moritz, and with much relief, espied him well-nigh near my position, standing abreast to a vessel of substantial height and size. We had ascended into the vessel, when a little breeze surged like a swift serpent, being as fresh and invigorating as the sea-breeze it envelops, under the shimmering heavens. The delightful sunshine, and the pure air of day, restored me to much tranquility, thriving my spirit with immense fortitude, diminishing my former fluctuating hopes.  We greeted each other in the most cordial manner and set sail to our exceedingly desired expedition, which ought to restore our joy through its sublime nature. Moritz grasped the steering wheel, and whilst gazing at the map, he oriented the vessel towards the divulged route. He was a man of a bold temperament; eminently proficient in a plethora of ventures. He discreetly oversaw and escorted the vessel, owing to the fact that my expertise on operating the vessel was as small as a mustard seed. He was gentle yet courageous, possessed of a cultivated as well of a capacious mind, whose tastes are identical to mine, to amend and approve all my plans. No incidents have hitherto befallen us, until the night fell upon us like fire, accompanied by a silver moon, like a new-stamped coin, riding triumphantly in the sky. So harrowing a tragedy has betided,  that i cannot forebear recalling it. It was approximately twelve O’clock, when we were compassed by an unduly thick fog. We remained motionless, hoping that some change would occur in the atmosphere. My mind grew watchful with anxious thoughts, and based on the gesture on Moritz’s face, he grew, akin, rather anxious. The moon had receded from view, as clouds, of extreme gloom, pervaded across the heavens. Suddenly, a tempest, beautiful yet terrific, raged; The waves were surging, long and lazy, like sea-worn travellers. The vessel was tossed to and fro, by the monstrous waves beneath it. Moritz and I swiftly clasped the marge of the vessel, whilst being splashed by the extremely brackish and bitterly cold sea-water. Abruptly, a spear-tongued lightning slipped like a snake, with a much ill-omened and tumultuous resonance, provoking Moritz’s grip loss. Lingering above the blood-thirsty water and swaying to and from harmoniously to the waves, Moritz’s face brooked with much trepidation and terror. I did not dare loosen my grip, in fact, after beholding the horrid sight opposite me, my grip was tighter than ever. ‘Help!, Good Edward, help me!’ Moritz exclaimed with much fright. A slow thought crept like a cold worm through all my brain, as i reasoned within myself. My life-friend’s dreadful demise was well-nigh and i maintained my well harnessed position, fearful of letting go. I continued to contemplate in a much futile manner, with my brain indulging in an intense combat, when Moritz suddenly lost grip. I observed, as he plummeted towards the prodigious waves, like the falling thud of the blade of a murderous axe. Nothing could equal my feelings of guilt and self-reproach at beholding such scenery. Moritz died, and i lived; all because of my hostile indiscretion. I cannot guide this vessel to my desired location; i felt utterly helpless and foolish. Assailed by disappointment, i observed as a change in weather occurred; the seas became calm and the clouds eventually diminished, promulgating a much desired serenity. How can i observe so loyal a creature demolished by one’s heartlessness, without feeling the most poignant misery?. As i sorrowfully contemplated at my folly, a luminous figure spread over my very own countenance. Overflowing with fear, i gradually pivoted my eyes towards the figure, to behold the presence of Moritz. However, he did not seem to possess a bodily structure, but rather a supernaturally eerie structure, particularly, to one of an angel. ‘It was not your fault.’ Moritz uttered with an echoing reverberation. A slight feeling of sensation overfilled me at this saying, however, it did not vanquish the despicable horror flaming within me. Despite that, i felt frightened like a child in the dark, and felt rather feeble, till i collapsed to the vessel’s rough wooden floor. I arose to behold a landscape as beautiful as the purple flush of dawn. I rejoiced in this scene; and yet my delight was embittered both by the recollections of the past, and the anticipation of future prospects. I reminded stagnant aboard, gazing amusingly at the manner in which nature thrived, entrenching a much sublime landscape. Hills were covered with veins, with fair lakes reflecting a blue and green sky. What a scene it truly was! My sensational feelings of tranquility and utter delight were however subverted when i recalled the horrid calamity which occurred the previous night. For i have no companion: when i am thriving with the enthusiasm of success, there will be naught to participate my delight, nor anyone to sustain me in dejection, should i be assailed in disappointment. I, once again, saw Moritz in his angelic physicality opposite me. He did not speak, but pointed to the land in which i was very much embracing. ‘I will always be with you, dearest Edward.’ He uttered in a such delicate yet tranquil manner. Hitherto, i was rest assured that he would always be in my presence, to sympathise with me, and whose eyes will reply to mine, whenever i am in need. I alighted the vessel, with feelings of pride on reaching the conclusion of our expedition, and commenced walking towards the land of utter gratification and sublimity.