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As a subject, mathematics is infinite. There is a vast number of topics, each with hundreds of proven theorem and untold amounts of questions unanswered.  It seems daunting to think of the endless work remaining in the field of mathematics, but in my opinion, each problem that is unsolved is an answer which is waiting to be found. This is what thoroughly draws me to the immeasurable subject of mathematics.  In my physics A-level, I have found that an understanding of mathematics has greatly helped me to understand the relationships behind the equations we use. One mathematical concept that particularly helped in my studies is the logarithmic and exponential relationships. These are commonly used in areas such as nuclear decay, but also in unexpected areas, such as the decay of charge in a capacitor. My study at this level has demonstrated to me the ways that maths and science are united in a way where knowledge of one consistently helps with solving problems in the other, as well as improving my skills at linking different areas of work.Outside of the curriculum, I have become interested in the mathematics behind various voting systems, and to learn about these, I have read several articles on the subject, including articles written by Steven J Brams, on how the systems that appear the fairest can, in fact, be manipulated. My research on this topic has helped improve my self-learning skills and has increased my understanding of how maths can be applied to real life concepts.I gained a valuable opportunity for work experience when I worked in an accountancy firm for a week. During my time there, I used computer software to complete various tasks. This experience helped me develop skills of using computers to complete mathematical problems, as I was consistently using software to accelerate the mathematical process.A part of my further mathematics A-level that I appreciate the most is the study of complex numbers. Although questions involving these can be difficult, when persevering and attempting to find the answer through different methods reaches a conclusion, finding the answer is extremely satisfying. My study of further mathematics has stretched my mathematical abilities, which helped me immensely when I took part in the UK Maths Challenge – both the individual challenge and the team challenge. These challenges increased my interest in mathematics as I learned how much enthusiasm I had for solving the hardest questions, regardless of how much time it took. The team challenge granted me with experience of investigating questions that were different to any that I had encountered in the A-level curriculum, using my knowledge combined with the knowledge of my team.Alongside my studies, I have a passion for music, as I have been taking keyboard lessons for over 10 years. My dedication to this has provided me with a sense of accomplishment, as I have seen my skills improve over the years. Furthermore, the time I have spent on this has given me an appreciation for the work needed to succeed in something you are passionate about. I used this appreciation to complete my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award within my school. I also volunteer as a leader in a Girlguiding group. This has taught me how to take initiative and organise activities by myself.I have enthusiasm in the subject of mathematics, and this will allow me to persevere and dedicate myself towards advancing my studies. Learning mathematics at a university will stretch my capabilities, and I look forward to taking on new challenges.