He meeting of Indian National Congress. After this

He got his primary education on his house, the English tutors came to his house to teach him, after that he sent to England and admitted in Horone School, after that he was admitted in Trinity College of Cambridge University.

He returned to India after becoming a Lawyer. In 1916 he got married with Kamla Kaul and in 1917 he became the father of a daughter which name was ‘Priyadarshini’ and later on we know her as “Indira Gandhi”.

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In 1916 he was first time meet Gandhiji in a meeting of Indian National Congress. After this first meeting Pt. Nehru and Gandhiji became so close that their lives jointly throughout the whole life, though they differed on several points, largely because of Nehru’s international outlook clashed with Gandhi’s simple Indian outlooks and Orthodox views.

We all know that after the incident of Jallianwala Bagh Mahatma Gandhi was very much angry from British Government Besides Gandhiji, Nehruji was also very much frustrated and from this day he decide to finish the British Empire in India and determine that he will do his best for the freedom of India. Pt. Nehru played the lead role in the freedom struggle from 1919 to 1947 with Gandhiji

Pt. Nehru was the president of the historical session of Indian National Congress at Lahore. He declared that “Total Independence” is the prime aim of Congress and now Congress works towards this target. He also declared that every 26, January the Independence Day celebrates and the National flag will flow on that day.

He became the president of six session of Indian National Congress. Pt. Nehru spent almost 10 years of his life in prison. It is undoubtedly a precious contribution from him towards our country.

Pt. Nehru was also became the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of 1946. On the midnight of 14, August 1947 he was scored by Lord Mountbetten (the last Vicerocy of India) as the Prime Minister of Indian Domain.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru knew that the Prime Minister of India was a hot seat that time because the expectations of people were very high and the resources of the Government was very low.

In which condition the British Government leave our country that is very serious all the money was grasped by the Britishers and numberless problems were left for Indians.

Pandit Nehru knew that India was an agricultural country from thousands of years so it was very necessary that the agricultural development was moving with industrial development.

At the time of independence there was no infrastructure in India which can be helpful for the industries. The first and foremost necessity of the industrial development was the development of infrastructure in India.

Pandit Nehru also knew that we must work outside and inside country. Pt. Nehru also knew that the relations with their countries also good for the progress of our country so he knew the importance of Good Foreign Policy. He was one of the founding fathers of NAM (Non-Allignment Movement).

Pt. Nehru always maintained good relations with neighbours so he could not understand the fox sight of China. In 1962 India had to face the attack of China in which India had to face defeat. Pt. Nehru was very much shocked by this

Besides a good politician Pt. Nehru was also a great author he wrote three books, “Discovery of India”, “Glimpses of World History” and “An Autobiography”.

Pt. Nehru loved children very much because of his child love the children called him “Chacha Nehru” and his birthday was celebrated as “Children’s Day” He was dead on May 27, 1964 when he was the Prime Minister of India. His contribution of Nation was undoubtedly priceless and praise worthy.