ARCHITECT Beinwil am See Country: Switzerland Year

Swiss architect called Livio Vacchini (February 27, 1933 ~ April 2, 2007) who was born in Locarno in Southern Switzerland.  Livio Vacchini’s architectural knowledge mainly come from education and his work experience.  He had studied architecture at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich from 1955 to 1958.  After his graduation, he stayed in Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France for 2 years for professional experience.  Later, he worked with an architect partner Luigi Snozzi from 1962 to 1971 and open his own architecture studio in 1969.  And work with Silvia Gmür workshop in 1995 to 2001.  

Precedent House Name: La casa delle tre donne
Street: Schöntalstrasse
City: Beinwil am See
Country: Switzerland
Year to build: 1995-1998
Number of module: 3
Number of floor: 3
Size of a floor of a module: 60m2

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 This precedent house is called “La case delle are donne” this is an Italian name.  In English, it means “the house of the three women”, because of this, the client of this house might be 3 woman.  And therefore the house is designed in three modules which are having the same layout with 3 floors including a basement to suit the needs of 3 users.  The module is in the geometry of a cube.  Each floor in a module is in the area of 60 meters square. 

This site is on a moderate slope, the house is designed to cut into the slope. Around the site, there are greenery, grass on the slope, houses, street and a highway.   There is also a lake, called Hallwilersee, there are farmland near the lake for agriculture.    

Lots of vegetation covers at the site and even around the site, provides cooling effect by evaporation.  There are some trees around the site to provide shading effect.  In addition, at the front (lake side) of the house, trees are planted to reduce wind speed, while at the back (roads and highway) of the house, trees can being a noise barrier to reduce the traffic noise.  

Most of the land are covered with grasses, this help lower the temperature by the cooling effect by evaporation.  

Sunlight is a economy way to provide light without any artificial energy, apart from providing lighting, this can also gives warm and hygienic benefit to the area that shine onto.  For this reason, this house is designed to use lots of windows to let to sunlight enter the house.  However, too much sunlight may produce glare effect which is not good, therefore, there are some concrete wall to block some of the sunlight.  In the morning, sun rise, the sunlight are soft and comfort, so the house is designed to let to sunlight enter it by using transparent windows at both ground floor and the first floor of the house, the bedroom can feel the light and wake the user up.  Later, the user will walk downstairs and make his/her breakfast in the kitchen and dining area, at this moment, the sun moves to the southeast, and there is a wall built in 2 floors height at the southeast of the interior area of the house to block the sunlight, this can block the sunlight that will shine directly the the kitchen.  At noon, the sunlight become shine and even too bright, the external wall can help block the sunlight that shine to the study room and living room where this may be the area that the user is using, but there area still other transparent windows to let the natural light enter that area.  In the afternoon, the sun goes to the southwest and there is wall in the bedroom to block the light and prevent it to make to interspace become too hot. That is a good manage of natural light, layout and the use of material.  Also, providing shading in the area that using at different time natural light.

Wind is good to provide ventilation, but it has to be blocked in cold weather to prevent heat loss, like the monsoon wind comes from the sea.  For this reason, there are openings at all the 4 sides of the house, so that the windows can be opened throughout the year.  This provide cross ventilation and keep the air moves in the interior space.  This can prevent the growth of fungi and let people feel comfort.  

Precipitation in Switzerland mainly means rain and snow.  In winter, it may snow, the house is designed to have a flat roof is to let the snow s

For the temperature in Beinwil am See, Aargau in Switzerland, it is between -2oC to 23oC.

Apart from letting the sunlight to enter the house and providing ventilation, views can also affect the position of the windows of a house.  There is a lake at around 200 meters down the slope from the site, and that is the best view of the site, so that the front of the house are face to the lake, while the back of the house is a road and a highway which may produce noise.  The 2 other side of the house consist of trees and neighbors. Because the site in located on a slope, this lets the users viewing the lake with a less blockage by the houses and farmland between this house and the lake.  

There are not much noise produce around the site.  Most of the sound are come from the highway at the back of the house, and people become sensitive in the midnight, which is the time that they are sleeping, therefore 2 wall is placed at the 2 side of the bedroom to block the sound.