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Another battle in the American Civil War is the battle of Gettysburg that started on July 1st the leading general was Robert E Lee for the Confederate States of America and for the United States of america the leading general was George G. Meade.Robert E Lee was the better general in this battle because he was more experienced.A good thing that the Confederate states of America did was before this battle Robert E Lee gathered his troops 35 miles southwest of Harrisburg Pennsylvania to get all their plans together and also to make sure they all had good strategies so that they will be better prepared to take on the union army.But this did not battle didn’t go as planned for the Confederate army so Robert E Lee had to make a decision on what to do an the decision he made was a bad decision because he sent Liternet Richard S Ewell on a march on Cemetery Hill in this battle he sent troops into an open field to attack the south during this march they faced some obstacles because they had to jump over fences with no cover to hide from gunfire also during this battle the Union had a uphill advantage so the Confederates had to go up hill with people shooting cannons,guns,and mortars and them with no cover to hide from the gunfire so 28,063 Confederate troop died in the three day battle of Gettysburg. In conclusion,the civil war was full of good strategies and this paper  I have shown you with all the flanks and tough spots the South has put the North making them not letting any  reinforcements go to  Fort Sumter before the battle.I know people will say that the Union had better strategies than the Confederates because of the anaconda plan and Sherman March and because the United State of America won the American Civil War but with all of the good generals that the Confederate States of America had like Robert E Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson they had better war strategies than the south because they had better battle strategies than the United States Of America.So i’m here to say that with the help of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson and other generals, the Confederate army had better war strategies than the North.The Confederate army fought a defensive war making the Union army fight a mostly offensive war, therefore, the south had the home field advantage.