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Therefore, it is always very dangerous to rely on such a half-knowledge. It is rather better to have no knowledge and learning than to prove to be a fool with an incomplete one. It is usually seen that people with half-knowledge and little or meager learning show and pretend to have a lot of it than those people who have true taste of what knowledge is. Wise people are usually quiet when fools talk. And it is this blindness of fools to their own lack of knowledge which lets them remain in their benighted condition for the rest of their lives. They are blind to their follies and rather cover them up with their superficial learning and hence close all doors for further learning and advancement. A wise person is also fully informed about his own ignorance so that he can shovel away the cobwebs of his ignorance and enlighten himself with the weapon of knowledge. People with real wisdom are like those trees over-laden with fruit bending low so that everyone can enjoy their blessed fruits. It is the man of little learning who is haughty and self-conceited-standing erect likes a dry and rotten tree which breaks but does not bend. Hence, in turn, loses its own very existence.