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An Undocumented immigrant is a foreign-born person who has no legal right to be in the United States. In the last two decades, the number of undocumented immigrants entering United States has skyrocketed. In the present era, whether undocumented immigrants should be allowed to access public services is a moot issue. Some may agree that they should be allowed and others think they shouldn’t. However, undocumented immigrants should be allowed to have access to public services because laborers and workers account for the most in the undocumented immigrant’s category and they work at low wages and are highly productive, their contribution in the United States economy is enormous, and undocumented immigrants account for men as well as women and children who have certain basic rights over everyday necessities. To commence with, undocumented immigrants take the risk of leaving their country and arrive in harsh conditions for the search of work and to earn a livelihood. As per the Department of Homeland Security there was almost 11.4 million undocumented immigrants living in United States in 2012. The higher percentage of undocumented immigrants are adult workers employed in construction, agricultural and factory work where physical work is required. Additionally, the undocumented laborers work at cheap rates because of their poor living condition. Their inability to sustain and provide good lifestyle to their families puts them in a lot of pressure to earn money, thus giving a chance to the employers to exploit them by making them work for chump change. Same as indicated in a research which surveyed over 90 illegal immigrants and deduced that the psychological distress levels were shockingly high amongst them (Myhrvold, 2017). The situation through which the immigrants are going through is very serious and they immediately need medical attention. Furthermore, making laws to at-least provide them basic health considering, the fact that they are working on very low wages should be a topic of discussion while formulating immigration policies. However, some argue that undocumented immigrants are a reason for less number of jobs available for the American people, but the reality is that immigrants can only work at places which involves only physical work and is strictly on cash basis. Also, because of their status in the U.S., they can’t avail any technical job, and meanwhile, there are a lot of vacant jobs available which demand physical work in exchange of low wages.Secondly, in some small cities, the local business solely depends upon the undocumented workers for their regular sales. Thus, the immigrants impact the economy and adds value to the small-scale businesses by consuming their products. So, this way they are contributing towards indirect taxes. There are 9.3 million illegal immigrants in the U.S and they are residing in different states, California being the highest (Passel, 2017). As, per a research undocumented immigrants account for more than 11 billion dollars in taxes. The mentioned, staggering numbers indicate that these people are contributing a lot towards the U.S economy and in turn they are provided with nothing no welfare fund or health coverage. These are the very basic amenities which a human being requires and it should be made accessible if a person is directly contributing to the economy. One of the key reasons they are significant is that the undocumented immigrants contribute as much as five percent of the total workforce in America and deporting them will lead to huge human resource deficit. Furthermore, Undocumented workers stand at a greater risk as poverty forces them to also work and live in unhealthy environments. Contrary to this belief some may argue that providing health care is very expensive and complicated considering the fact there are so many undocumented immigrants. However, considering all the above-mentioned facts, it is undeniable that the undocumented immigrants are contributing by purchasing products and boosting the small-scale industries, while getting no benefits in turn. So, their contribution in the economy at-least entitles them to avail health care. Lastly, undocumented workers also account for women, and children who are born in America. The laws made by the government are directly affecting the mothers and children forcing them to live in unhealthy environment while having no access to health care for their young ones. Mother are treated like animals as they are forced to wear monitor ankles all the time. One such law passed was the Alabama’s 2011 omnibus immigration law, which has a direct impact on the Latina mothers. The law was not only harsh for the Mexicans but was also partial towards the mothers who gave birth in the U.S as they were also under the scrutiny of the government and were denied the right which they legally deserve (White, 2014). This is not only acceptable based on human rights but is also contradicting the American message of freedom. The very own message of equality which the government preaches is not honored by them. While, an opposite view is that the illegal immigrants know beforehand that its full of risk to enter illegally and further earn a livelihood. However, a person would only take such a risk if he/she is stuck in a very deprived life and the only option is to escape. So, even if the illegal immigrants have broken the laws by escaping to U.S, the government still can’t deny them very basic rights like health care, education etc. Hence, it calls for an immediate evaluation of the laws since, it’s the right of every child, no matter which country they are born in, to get the required medical attention and a healthy environment.To recapitulate, by considering all points elaborated above, its certain that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to access public services as they are also human beings and live in the same society. Furthermore, they play a crucial role in uplifting the US economy as they are working at comparatively cheap rates, supporting the small-scale industries by consuming products, and then paying massive amounts of indirect and direct taxes. Lastly, I support the fact that a person should at-least be provided basic health services and living conditions specially for women and children.