The winter-break. All the students work hard

The culmination of these sports activities is seen in the Annual Sports Day usually conducted in the last week of January. Preparations start a good number of days before the D-day and the entire school gets converted into a sportsground. Everybody feels sporty, light and active. It is a great change right after Half-Yearly examinations and the lazy winter-break.

All the students work hard all the year round to win the medals, citations and awards. Thus, with the announcement of the preliminary round matches, students start giving their names on behalf of their Houses depending upon the sports they play. As each House is vying to grab the best-house shield and individual athletes and players aim for the best all round player of the year cup. Other students who do not directly participate in the sports help by working in the background by helping to prepare fields, preparing charts, numbering and listing events, working the score-board etc.

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The entire school gets into the mood of play except for student of the 10th and the 12th. But, for the main day the students of these two classes also cannot resist. After days of preparations and the preliminary matches and semi-finals, a week is allotted for the final matches. The students encourage their House teams with slogans and banners. The sprit to win is seen everywhere and the whole atmosphere seem electrified.

With all the matches over and the victors decided, everyone waits anxiously for the prize distribution ceremony. All of the Houses united prepare the sports dresses, Houses badges or ties and shining black shoes for the day. The day starts with the daily assembly. Then the students sit on the chairs around the stadium as per the place allotted to their respective Houses. We all keenly wait for the Chief-Guest to arrive. The school band and the march-past students are all ready. Meanwhile the trophies gleaming on the prize table tempt all.

With the call of the band, we all turn our heads towards the venue of the Chief Guest’s arrival. The band plays the tune as the principal ushers the Chief Guest into the ground at the dais. Then starts the spectacular march past at the beat of the band. The Chief Guest takes the salute. After the march past, the drill takes place for the primary section. After the drill, there is usually the performance of the gymnasts of the college or the demonstration of karate skills.

In the end, after one month colourful dance, the principal reads the report of the various events and the result of the matches. Finally, the Chief Guest is invited to the stage for the long awaited prize distribution as the proud students receive their prizes with humility amidst thunderous applauding.

At the end, the Chief Guest is requested to share his views and experiences with the students, teachers, and staff of the school. The day closes with his speech and a lot of exchange of best wishes among the students. The Best House Trophy and the Allrounder Trophy is the most talked about. The event ends on a note of thrill and excitement with the singing of the National Anthem. But it seems it flies by too swiftly. We all feel sad as the excitement comes to an end and we all have to get back to routine studies once again. Sports Day and Inter-House Tournaments are definitely sum of the much awaited events on the school calendar every year.