Allen used to make stand out of

Allen Ruddock a marital art
pioneer once iterated that ‘ that your body communicates as well as your mouth.

Don’t contradict yourself.’  

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Body language is a non-verbal
action in which your body conveys or expresses information sometimes with or
without contradicting your body. Body language is one of the most important
aspects of a human being as it defines whom one is and what he or she is
capable of. As per Albert Mehrabian, who is currently a Professor Emeritus of
Psychology in UCLA, stated that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal and
only 7 percent of communication is verbal.


Body language differs from
situation to place to time; a person may act differently in front of his boss
and will flip when he is talking to his employer. All of this depends on the
mindset, morals, and personality of a person…


Body language for involves 3
major aspects, which are:

Eye Contact

Body Position

Gesture and Movement


When I was kid I was told that
body language defines you and the above three thing define your personality,
further more personality defines your upbringing. When I was in 8th
grade, I had a teacher who used to make stand out of class if we were even a
minute late for class. So once a friend of mine slammed the door because that
teacher di not allow him to come in class and this action, gesture or movement
showed anger but this movement was contradicting his statement as he was
apologizing. Hence what Allen Ruddock said stands true we should not contradict
our statements by our actions.


By showing a positive body
language a person can achieve a lot, positive body language means interest,
enthusiasm, and simple positives reactions. All this gives a positive vibe of
the person so therefore he is taken seriously and admired.


Body language sometimes works
wonders. It can actually pass a judgment or statement, which you cannot
explain. For an example a person is sitting with his legs up on the table, does
he mean to show arrogance? The answer is that it is not all ways true that the
person wants to show arrogance. So hence our body language makes certain
statements without us actually being able to respond to them.


Body language or appearance
shapes persons thought about someone and something. For me the appearance of
cottage cheese (paneer) is very shoddy and for other people things would
differ. On the other hand body language of human being defines him and his
future relation with people and materialistic things.


Since the last two days my father
and me have not being exchanging word quite often instead we reverted to our
body language and body action. The battle of language of our bodies was fierce.

I was ignoring him and he was showing me treacherous eyes, glancing at each
other till one of us looked away. It was a battle of power. Although finally it
came down to the words sorry and I love you.