alienated big dreams he wanted to run

alienated from his friends and only finds himself alone most of the times that he could be spending outside under the sun with his friends like a normal child in his teenage years. Edmund is a dreamer, he likes to imagine a lot of scenarios that he can picture himself just like in one of his big dreams he wanted to run off with an educated man, live freely and surf or speed off with a brilliant bond with everyone, playing a grand piano and having nothing to worry about. Europe as his first destination.Those explorations he can picture in his dreams, reminded him that he can think greatly having to pass all of this  and making him believe that he was able to do it and go through it all. The social expectation of his sexual identity surprised a lot of his relationship with outsiders yet they they felt him in such way that was he was finally showing what he truly is becoming. Strong and unique isn’t so bad at all and you do not always have to follow what they tell you to be or do.Edmund was driven into a final and tons of tensions in betrayal and the misjudgements that the adults that surrounded him. He was told about what could have been and what should have been happening if he stayed the same and how life could have easily been with him.His fall had came yet he succeeded and went through over everything and eventually he does not care about what everyone thinks because in the end they will still judge you in any shape or form. Edmund had the power to reveal feelings and emotions that would not be able to express in other ways but just to have to fight his feelings. Being  very complexed makes the understandings of other peers in his life clearer and even more understandable. Edmund White described his whole book as the young boy in the story and told his remembrance of his early childhood and how we was able to connect and go over the bridge between reality and his future fantasy. His story was told in a deeper tone and moments he realizes the power of what society considers the different act of adulthood starting in a very early age for one child. His explorations entertained himself on how he can work on himself slowly and overcome between religion, education and his homosexuality. The friends he has powerful relationships between gave him motivation to be more complex and it led him to the way where he can act as his true self and show his true colors in the right time and place where it would lead him to be done with all his troubles.