After great pride in their school work. The

After making different bonds with my students
over the past few weeks, I have found that many of the students take great
pride in their school work.  The students
know this is the key to their future and to be successful in life, they need to
put in the necessary work.  Every
morning, the principal has a motivational speech for the students, which many of
the students take to heart.  My classroom
is very diverse and they all have different backgrounds.  Somedays, others need more pushing than
others to stay focused and find the will to work hard.  The home life of my students can be very
different, depending on the student. 
Knowing this, I try to give my students the necessary time to finish
their work in class.  This will allow
them the opportunity to ask questions when they arise.  If they had questions at home, their parents
may not be home because they have to be at work.  Being in a diverse class has many advantages
and every students brings in different aspects of learning every day.  A few of my students study the Quran at home
and speak Somali as their native tongue. 
However, in school, they are asked to speak English, as best as they
can.  My class has three different races
which include: white/Caucasian, Hispanic, and Somali.  The interests of my students range from
watching YouTube to playing sports/dance, to hanging out with friends, to doing
homework.  It is my goal every lesson to
include at least one interest of a student in my examples.  This will show that I care about my students
and their interests, which will, in turn, motivate them to work hard.  Knowing that my students have different
backgrounds and struggles in life, I will not allow deficit thinking.  We are all geniuses and we can all succeed in
life.  ALL of my students will have the
same chance to succeed and no one student will be favored.  We will all be held to high standards and
expectations and that includes myself as the teacher.  If they see me holding myself to high
standards, they will hold themselves to high standards as well.