Advertising only then decide if we need it

Advertising today plays an important role in social life and the lives of consumers.  Advertisements are designed to promote the most popular products or products that the company wants to sell and become popular, for us consumers.  I have to say that it is also a kind of conversation of the company who advertise its product with us, consumers.  Today the companies use all possible ways to make their products popular and promote them to the consumers as media, Internet, newspapers, cinema prospects and so on. But let’s  ask ourselves – are all goods that are promoted as good as we see them or hear about them in the popular advertisement?      In my opinion, not everything is good and useful for us that we see in an advertisement, even more, sometimes not qualitative goods or medicine can harm our health.  I believe that we do not need some goods that we see in an advertisement for our life as we are exposed to. But nevertheless, many people buy things that they do not need under the impressive influence of the advertisement.  I would say that many goods that we see in advertisements do not answer the real quality and the essence that is promoted. Moreover, in our society, there are people that are addictive to the advertisements. As a consequence, we have people that are suffered from shopaholism.     Frankly speaking, the advertisement also has its advantages for the society and especially for the companies that want to gain their profits. Thanking the advertisement we may find out more information about the thing that we would like to buy and or not and only then decide if we need it or not. Definitely, it is only to the decision of every person. Additionally, the advertisement helps to raise the economy of the country and to make popular the new goods throughout the world. Not all goods are bad and useless that we see in the advertisements.    In spite of the fact that advertising has some disadvantages, it also plays the important role in our lives and in the life of the society.  I believe that we still need the time to make and provide the consumers with the real, factual and useful information of the goods that are advertised. and in this case, both sides will be pleased and gain the profits.