Adolf Johann Georg Hiedler. Five years later

Adolf Hitler’s parentsOn the 7th of June Alois Schicklgruber was born. His mother was Maria Anna Schicklgruber, who was unmarried. When Alois was five his mother married Johann Georg Hiedler. Five years later Alois’s mother died from tuberculous. Alois was sent to live with his uncle. When Alois was 18 he began working at the Customs Service. Alois changed his last name to Hitler. Hitler was a variant of his stepfather’s last name Hidler. Alois first wife was Anna Glassl. Alois married Anna when he was thirty years old. When they married Anna Glassl was only sixteen years old. Alois and Anna separated. They did not divorce because Alois was christian and wasn’t able to divorce. Alois had separated with Anna because he had been having affairs. Franni was a household servant who he had an affair with during his relationship with Anna. Anna died which meant Franni and Alois could marry. At age forty-three Alois remarried to nineteen year old Franni. Alois and Franni’s son had been born before the they were married. They named their son Alois Jr. After Alois first wife died Franni and Alois’s daughter was born. They named her Anglea. Unfortunately Fanni died from a lung disorder in 1884. Klara Pölzl, Alois’s cousin once-removed, bore Alois’s third child. Later Alois and Klara married. Then Alois fourth child, Gustav was born. A few months later Alois’s fifth child Ida was born. Their next child was Otto, who died three days after his birth. On Easter Day in 1889 Adolf Hitler was born. Klara bore two more children to Alois. Klara had six children, four of which died before reaching adulthood. Hitler’s rise to power In 1933 Germany was at an all time low. 30% of Germany’s population was unemployed. In America The Great Depression had just begun and The Wall Street Crash had just occurred. In 1923 America had loaned money to Germany. After The Wall Street Crash America repossessed the money they had loaned to Germany. The value of German money was decreasing. German money had barely any value. On top of that the loss of World War I was still heavy on Germany’s mind. Adolf Hitler gave many speeches that promised a better life and a better Germany for all German citizens.