According writing scientific papers. First step is prewriting

According to Nunan (2003), writing is defined as a way of discovering things and communicate with other people by means of composing sentences and paragraphs. Technical or scientific writing and creative writing are two various types of writing that will further discuss in this essay. First thing to do when you are writing is to know why you are writing at the first place. In technical/scientific writing, your main objectives are to record and describe the actual research results. It is to inform and communicate with people that your research findings existed and can be used in future references of research studies. The main audience of research papers are usually professionals, experts, executives of companies and firms, technician and non specialist.This type of writing has several forms as enumerated by Oliver (2008) in her article as follows;Argumentative papersAnalytical reports or papersDefinition papersCompare and contrast papersCause and effect papersInterpretive papersThe authors of research papers use formal language in writing. And because the expected readers are professionals and such, sometimes they use technical terms in order to explain or describe what their research all about. Researchers use active voice in writing, present tense and specific words in presenting their research for the audience to clearly understands. Because mostly of research papers are published, they are very sensible when it comes to grammatical errors so as much as possible they proofread their works.The University of British Columbia break down a stages of process of writing scientific papers. First step is prewriting wherein you will identify what is your topic and how will you organize the information. Next is drafting, this is the stage where you will connect the ideas and facts according to the organization you made in the prewriting stage. Revising is the stage of correcting the grammars, typographical errors that you missed while you are drafting. And for the last stage, it is the final edit of your work. You may ask someone to proofread your research paper.The other type of writing is creative writing. Its purpose is to express author’s ideas and opinions. The authors in this kind of writing use their imagination to entertain the readers. Nowadays, the usual audience of creative papers are the youths but there are things to be considered in able to identify the audience in a specific genres of creative writing. These factors are the theme, demographics like age, gender, location and language. In creative writing, there are several genres as follows;PoetryTheatre playMovie and TV scriptsFiction (Novels, short stories)SongsSpeechesMemoirsPersonal essaysThe language style of this writing depends on the author’s style whether he/she will use formal or informal language, simple or complex language. They used literary techniques in writing unlike the direct to the point way of technical writing. When it comes in process of writing, it is the same with writing scientific papers that the stages are as follows prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and the finalizing the paper. These two types of writing differs in objectives, audience and language style but the process of writing are the same. The importance of the process is to improve the author’s writing skills and to have good output that readers will use in future purposes.