a) to work priorities. · Being unorthodox. ·

a)      Harris
has been failed as a leader and He lacks following characteristics.


Inspired Enthusiasm.

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The desire to help others.

A high standard of personal ethics.

High energy.

The ability to work priorities.

Being unorthodox.

about his team members.

in his team.


of Delegation.



to motivate and inspire.



b)      To develop leadership characteristics
in Harris

A person
doesn’t necessarily have to have a large team reporting to him to be considered
as a leader and to need effective leadership characteristics.

one leadership study it says qualities such as intelligence, assertiveness, conscientiousness
and adaptability were came out as the most important leadership characteristics.
Research clearly bring out that transformational leaders are the leaders who
are inspiring, positive, and who develop and empower subordinates to be better
leaders. They are more valued by subordinates and have higher performing teams.

If Harris
is needed to be developed up that level as a leader he must improve his
leadership characteristics to become a better leader and should pay attention
in ways that he will be able to implement these strategies in his daily life at

1. Have a clear vision.

should be clear to share his vision, mission and goals with his team. His job
as a leader is to provide a clear path that his team can follow not to re check
in details of their work.

Know and utilize your strengths.

unique leadership skills that have been developed over experience and personal
strengths that have been developed over the years of work he must work on
utilizing these strengths thus he’ll be assisted in being a formidable leader.

Be Passionate.

leaders are not those who just focus on getting tasks done by members. They are genuinely
passionate for their tasks. Harris can start by thinking of various ways to
express his desire and passion so that his team members will stand by him. He
must let his team members know that he care about their career progress as well.


Serve as a role model.

best leaders walk the walk and talk the talk. Thus group members admire these
leaders and work to emulate these behaviors. If Harris wants to become a better
leader, He has to work on modeling the qualities that he would like to see in
his team members.

Set definitive goals and follow concrete action plans.

must determine his destination before mapping out plans to get there. To
improve leadership skills, first set specific goals with appropriate timelines
then design goals and formulate action plans.

Maintain a positive attitude.

one respects negative and narrow minded people. With a positive attitude Harris
should be looking at the bright side and be an example. Normally people are naturally
attracted to those have a positive attitude. By being an example he will lead his
subordinates as well as the organisation future possibilities.

Improve communication skills.

great leadership characteristics includes him being able to communicate his intentions
and expectations to his subordinates. The other way around he should have the
ability to listen to and understand his subordinates’ communication to him as
well. He should master his verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills.