A tower. Mitochondria/chloroplasts are the plug and outlet

A cell is a group of systems working together to make a whole functioning unit, similar to a computer tower. The tower has one common function which is to keep itself in a running and safe condition. The cells job is to keep itself running and safe condition as well. Everything either of them do is so that it can continue to work and live until it’s expected time to shut down.The cell wall found in plant cells is similar to the tower casing. Its sole purpose is to prevent things from entering and support and protect the inner-workings. The cell membrane is similar to a fire wall protecting the coding of the computer. It prevents hackers as the cell membrane prevents unwanted molecules in the cell. The ribosome is like the code. The ribosomes make proteins that do work as well as the encoding that makes numbers that show everything what to do. The receiver/sender is like the endoplasmic reticulum due to the fact that they both assemble parts. The receiver assembles code for the computer and sends it to where it is needed and the endoplasmic reticulum assembles RNA into proteins and can also send it to the golgi apparatus by vesicles. The golgi apparatus is similar to the code reader. After receiving the code from the receiver/sender and makes it ready to be shipped to where it is needed. The golgi apparatus does the same thing by sending molecules sent by the endoplasmic reticulum to where they are needed at the moment. Vacuoles resemble RAM/storage since they both can hold important documents and trash, such as the vacuole holds food, water, and wastes. Lysosomes are like the trash bin/power button because they clean up all unwanted intruders and they can also kill the cell if it is a better condition than being alive almost identical the a power button on a tower. Mitochondria/chloroplasts are the plug and outlet of all of this. They bring power to the whole operation as do mitochondria for both cells and chloroplasts for plant cells. The nucleus is very much alike to the processor. It overviews everything and also has everything needed for the code. Same with the nucleus. The cytoplasm is like the circuit board. The circuit board keeps everything in place as does the cytoplasm. They prevent anything from moving and getting out of place.The cell is very much alike to this computer in many ways. It resembles how the cell and everything inside it works. They are both made to support themselves, something called homeostasis. They eventually benefit something larger. The cell benefiting the organism it is inside and the computer benefiting the PC as a whole. Even though they may look very different, they both work towards an identical goal.