A of AMPS. One example of current use

Key Concept in Information Systems: Mobile and Wireless Networks and Security

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13, 2017


concept of mobile and wireless networks, technology, and security have
relatively been around for a period of time. 
When looking back at the history of where mobile and wireless technology
came from, many people in this generation cannot fathom how it came in to this
world. It is almost a miracle that we are capable of doing all the things we
can do with technology, especially because most of the things we have now were
only dreamed of a decade ago.

networks began emerging the 1980s it was called back then Advance Mobile Phone
Systems (AMPS). After this Technology became so big it developed a new version of
AMPS called digital technologies. AMPS was officially obsolete and gone from
the US in 2008 and all big-time phone companies like AT&T and Verizon
discontinued all supports of AMPS.  One
example of current use of mobile network and digital tech. is Apple Inc. The
invention of the iPhone was a big game changer for technology. My Girlfriend
use an iPhone and love the technologies it combines. It an upgrade of both
personal digital assistant and personal computer. The attitudes toward this
technology is overwhelming with support and use from people all around the
world. Every major phone companies comes out with a sort of multiple smart phones
the strengths of the technology in today’s world brings technology like GPS,
Internet, Music Player, Games, Photos, etc… The one weakness is in areas
where there is a lack of service for devices and its applications such as
social media. Also sending text messages while driving has become a big
weakness that resulted in multiple deaths therefore laws being created
preventing use of phones while driving. As mobile technology continues to
evolve it also use in this paper wireless networks. In fact, as wireless
connections are more available and the data rate of mobile networks continue to
get better the two are closely linked together.


networks were developing in the early years of 1880s when a man name Heinrich
Hertz created it. That is why network speeds and computer technology is
measured in the unit known as Hertz. Heinrich Hertz developed tech by creating
a radio transmitter. The discovery that would eventually change the word as we
know it. Being able to use radio wave to transmit data, the first wireless
networks was radios using AM and FM. Over the years it has develop into the
wireless network that is such much apart of our lives today. Being able to use
device outside of the customers site increasing productivity to create more
revenue. It also allows companies like amazon and eBay to track and manage inventory
with handheld tracking devices creating a automated inventory tracking system that
helps reduce loss and help prevent excess inventory.  This technology strength is great in the business
world as well as the personal business word but there is a weakness in security
that is growing a concern. Despite concerns however, the public opinions of
this technology is growing in popularity. The ability to take a device anywhere
and connect to a wireless hotspot allows many people to become more productive
in many aspects.