A teacher can cause times of stress, but

A Career in Elementary School TeachingAdrienne SopherMs. BrownAcademic English 923 Jan. 2018Adrienne SopherMs. BrownAcademic English 923 Jan. 2018*A Career in Elementary School Teaching*    It was a normal day at school. A girl was writing in her journal for English class. Her favorite teacher gave the class the journal entry for the day that was, when I get older I want to be… . She wrote I want to be a teacher. I want to be an elementary school teacher because my favorite teacher has inspired me from day one. The girl later on pursued her dreams of being an elementary school teacher.  According to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, “Normal schools have since then given way to teachers’ colleges and today almost every university in the country has a school or college of education” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This proves there are multiple colleges for people to go to for teaching, to be able to earn their degree. Schools need teachers that are able to communicate with the students and the students parents. Teachers need to be patient, wise, productive, and they also need to be caring . There is always going to be a teacher that inspires one the most in life. Being a teacher can cause times of stress, but it is also a satisfying job, because the teacher gets to watch the students grow in their learning skills and their confidence.     Becoming a teacher and teaching a group of kids each day can be extremely satisfying, especially while they watch the kids grow academically. Elementary school teachers are teaching the students there basic skills each day. The basic skills of English, science, history and many more. The teacher will use many different methods to teach the students. Some may use technology to teach the students. Grouping the students to help practice their skills in stations. The most common methods a teacher will use are workbooks, worksheets and videos to teach the students the basics. There could be a teacher that will do a brain break to wake up the class.  According to Chronicle Career Library they said, ” Besides equipping the children with academic skills, they also try to give each child a desire to take part in work and play with others, both in and out of the classroom” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This proves that it is important for students to interact with each other, and can be extremely satisfying for the teacher to see the kids interacting with each other. Everyday teachers will teach and provide an opportunity for the students on how to interact with each other. It’s important that the teacher can also cooperatively work with the other staff members. An important job for a teacher is to create lessons plans, to show what is going to be taught during the week. According to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, “They develop teaching outlines and lessons plans, give lectures, facilitate discussions and activities, keep class attendance records, assign homework, and evaluate student progress” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This shows that it’s important for all teachers to create lesson plans so they know what to teach. Becoming a teacher takes a lot of hard work, but first one has to go through education and training.        In order to become a teacher, one has to pass high school and go on to college to get a degree or license.  In high school, if leaning towards  becoming a teacher take classes such as,    ” …English, math, science, history, and a foreign language” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This proves that if thinking in becoming a teacher take the basic classes. According to Chronicle Career Library, “In high school, students should take subjects to meet the entrance requirements of the college or university they plan to enter” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This shows that it is very important to take the classes that meet the career one has chosen. Once one is in their final year of college he or she will have to finish a student teaching program to earn their degree. During the student teaching program, the college student will be taught how to teach information to students. All are required to have their Bachelor’s Degree, to be able to teach. Depending on the location one may be in, they may have to have earned their Master’s Degree. All public, and most private and parochial require a teaching license. All of the education and training has been getting ready for the environment that one will be working in.     Being a teacher requires one to work cooperatively with the students and staff members. According to U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “Kindergarten and elementary school teachers work in both public and private schools”  (“Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers 1”). This proves that teachers can work in both private and public schools.  The teachers will practically only work when the students are at the school. During the summer, most of the teachers will not work. Depending on the location the teacher is at, some schools may have large amount of students in each class. With larger classes, that requires hard-work and patience. According to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center they said, “During their summer break, many continue their education to renew or upgrade their teaching licenses and earn higher salaries” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This illustrates that teachers are able to go back to school to work with others and update their teaching licenses and earn more money. There may be some teachers that choose to advance to the next level of teaching, which could be becoming a professor or a principal. Some also choose to advance to being an assistant principal or counselor. According to Chronicle Career Library, ” Licensed elementary school teachers may take further college studies to get a Master’s or a Doctoral Degree” (“Elementary School Teachers”). This points out that a teacher can go back to college to earn a higher degree for teaching. Everyday a teacher works at a school, they will earn money.    A teacher actually has to teach to be able to earn their daily salary. Public school teachers get approximately, “…$57,030” (“Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers 6”). This highlights that teachers in a public school have to work to actually be able to earn their money. A private school gets approximately, “…$44,550” (“Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher 6”). The explains that a private school also has to work for their money. A teacher could have the opportunity to teach in the summer and get paid more. According to U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “Kindergarten and Elementary school teachers generally work during school hours when students are present” (“Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers 6”). This shows that the teachers will normally only work when students are at the school. Teachers don’t spend their weekend doing nothing, they create lesson plans for the upcoming week. Elementary school teaching started in 100 B.C. The schools were not in the greatest conditions. Teachers salaries were also not great either. To become a teacher, the only thing they would have to do is finish elementary school. With there being good salaries, there are still people studying becoming teachers.    More teachers and students at different schools are always welcome. The number of Elementary school teachers are to increase, “…7%” (“Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers 7”). This proves that teachers coming into the school is going to increase. The outlook of the students entering the school should also increase. According to U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “As a result, more teachers will be needed to teach public kindergarten and elementary school students” (“Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers 7″). This explains that teachers will be needed in some public schools, depending on how many students there are in the school. Some related occupations to kindergarten and elementary school teachers would be childcare workers, high school teachers, and middle school teachers, and many more. Not everyone in the world will want a job or find a job that interest them.Teaching is such a satisfying job. Every teacher works really hard to make sure that they are teaching their students correctly. Making sure they are working hard and cooperatively in school so one can become a great teacher. Earning money is  important and at some point job opportunities will pop up. Getting a job that requires an education is extremely satisfying that requires lots of hard-work, effort, and patience.Works CitedCalhoun, Florence. Choosing a Career In Teaching. The World Of Work, The Rosen Publishing       Group, Inc., 2000.Education. Ferguson’s Careers In Focus, 3rd ed., Infobase Publishing, 2009.”Elementary School Teachers.” Chronicle Career Library, Chronicle Guidance Publications,              2016, www.chroniclecareerlibrary.com.     “Elementary School Teachers.” Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, Infobase,                 .”Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers.” U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, United States                Department Of Labor,2017, http://www.bls.gov/ooh/education-training-and-library/                    print/kindergarten-and-elementary-school-teachers.htm.