A campfires, fireworks, or simply dropping your cigarette

A wildfire is one of the most damaging, dangerous and harmful types of natural disasters. A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire that wipes out large areas of land. Wildfires can also be known as forest fires, grass fires and bushfires. There are many different ways that a wildfire can start. Some fires start naturally because of heat from the sun, lava, or a lightning strike. However, most wildfires are caused by humans making mistakes. These mistakes can include campfires, fireworks, or simply dropping your cigarette on the ground. In fact, little over 90 percent of wildfires are caused by human carelessness.     A stated previously, wildfires are one of the most damaging types of natural disasters. Wildfires can cause significant damage to the environment. They can destroy homes, natural habitats, and take lives of animals and humans. Wildfires are also very harmful to the air, the fires pollute the air, causing even more damage to the health of humans and animals. Fire can also release carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. This shows that the effects of wildfires can be very damaging and long lasting.     Humans and animals have suffered because of wildfires. One example being the wildfire in Gatlinburg Tennessee in late November of 2016. 14 people were killed while many had severe health issues either caused by actual contact with fire or breathing in harmful smoke. While the fire spread throughout the area, over 14,000 people had to evacuate the area, leaving their homes and not knowing if it would be there when they returned. The fire damaged over 24,000 buildings, costing the city over $500 million in damage.     Homes that are located in woodland areas, or areas near fields where temperatures can be extremely high, are becoming more and more prepared for the chance of a wildfire occurring in their area. People find new ways to protect their homes and themselves all the time. Even if they have to evacuate the area, they come prepared with many tools and ways to keep themselves safe and from being abandoned somewhere dangerous. You yourself can help prevent wildfires by simply being careful and thoughtful with your actions. Be cautious when it comes to campfire and never leave them unattended. Don’t drop your cigarettes on the ground, dispose of them properly. Just be mindful with nature.      So we know the way to be safe and help prevent wildfires, but what can we do to stop a fire as it’s happening? Firefighters can use what’s called a fireline. A fireline is made by digging a path in the ground, and all bush and debris is put into it to take away what is letting the fire spread so fast, this helps to contain the fire and attempt to keep in one place. Workers can also create a big circle of dirt around the fire to stop it from spreading. From there, water is used to put out that flames from firetrucks and helicopters. While some of this may seem like a somewhat simple plan, it doesn’t always work. Fire is very hard and dangerous to work with, but with a lot of hard work, good techniques and good resources, it can be done.   Recovering from a wildfire takes a lot of physical and emotional work, and none of it is easy. Not only that, but financially it is devastating too. As stated previously, Gatlinburg had over $500 million in damage costs from their wildfire. The area has most likely been evacuated, meaning the area will need time before it is safe for citizens to return back to the area. The area would have to be rebuilt and cleaned. While the city can be rebuilt, the land around or within it can take up to 200 years to fully recover and be the same as it was before, but with the help of humans, that can go by much faster. Animals can be taken into care as well and be released when they have returned back to their normal state in health.     As stated before, wildfires are over 90 caused by humans not being careful. So be sure that you as an individual are doing everything you can to stay safe when it comes to things that may be able to start a destructive wildfire. And know how to stay safe if there is one.