A yet simple activity like jogging can

A healthy heart is what each person desires. Achieving a
healthy and fit heart requires an active lifestyle. An active routine ensures a
stronger and healthier heart. Individuals who refrain from exercises are more
prone to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.  Rather than sitting any slight movement is
also beneficial for good heart health.

One doesn’t have to be a pro in fitness or an athlete but should
start simple exercises because better be late than never. Simple exercise
includes even a curt walk for half an hour a day. Gyms or hard dumbbell training
is not required yet simple activity like jogging can make a huge difference. The
exercise procedure can be taken step by step with initially walking and then
jogging or further running.

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Recommended exercises

Exercise for enhancing respiratory efficiency: These
are basically aerobic exercise which includes running, cycling etc. The motive
is to increase the rapidity of heartbeat. One should not overdo it and if you
suffering from any other ailments, perform lighter workouts like walking.

Increase flexibility: Stretching after exercising
can enhance the flexibility of your body. Though stretching is good for the
body, anything you push harder is harmful.

Weight workouts: Working out with weights on
alternate days can improve your strength. Strength training can be achieved by
performing yoga, trx exercise etc.

Tips for safe exercising

To develop
general heart health, two and a half hours of adequate workout and one and a
half hours of intense exercise per week are required.

Start with
low impact training and gradually intensify your workout so that your body
adapts to the changes.

While exercising,
maintain low speed at the beginning and when you finish.

Instantly ask for
help if you experience pain in the chest or difficulty in breathing or sense
giddiness etc.

Consult a doctor
to know if you could do certain exercises or to be aware of the ample amount of
activity essential for your body.

If you do not
follow the correct technique of performing the exercise, you might end up
getting injured. So ensure that you do it appropriately.