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An ideal teacher always helps his students to overcome the problems related to his subject. He is full of love and compassion for the students, and leaves no stone unturned tic makes them imbibe the knowledge and pass the tests and examinations with flying colours. In their turn the students respect and love him. They never tolerate any undue criticism of their Guru. They implicitly obey him and follow his teaching both in letter and spirit. Their faith in their teacher is always as firm as a rock. An ideal teacher is ever regular and punctual and hard­working. His character is exemplary and imitable. He is ever fair, just and impartial. For him ail students are alike. However, he may have some favorite students depending on their merits, intelligence and earnestness in seeking knowledge. For example, Guru Dronacharya loved equally well all his Pandora students, but Argon was his only favorite disciple. But an ideal teacher would never discriminate one from the other on the grounds of superior birth, riches or social status.

An ideal teacher is never ambitious in terms of money, social status or political gains. He is ever contented and balanced. Whatever spare money he has, he would spend it in the purchase of books, travels or the welfare of his students and family. He leads a dedicated, simple but dignified life. He has a mission. His habits are simple and exemplary; he is of a cheerful disposition and of lovable nature. He also takes proper care of his physical fitness. He is well-disciplined and would never tolerate indiscipline. He knows his students as well as he know the palm of his hand. He is always a seeker of truth and wisdom.

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Possessed of the qualities of head and heart, an ideal teacher never believes in physical punishment. He believes firmly that example is better than precept, and moulds his life accordingly. His words are law and authority with his students, but he is never a dictator. He allows reasonable criticism and difference of opinion, for his approach is always democratic and liberal. He never hurts the sentiments of others and possesses broad, secular and tolerant views in the matter of religion. His words carry weight and his instructions authority, but he is never proud or arrogant.

These days it is very difficult to find an ideal teacher. But one of my teachers really possesses many of these qualities. He is my Hindi teacher. He is a very good poet and author as well. His knowledge of the subject, simplicity of life and strength of character are seen to be believed. He looks a tower of moral and physical strength. I sometimes, wonder at his compassion, truthfulness and Dedication to the cause of education and learning. I am really proud of him. I am M.A. both in Hindi and English. He is also Bed, and has a degree in German language^ His personality is versatile. He is the most sought after teacher in our school. In his presence the heads of the students bow down in deep respect automatically, without any effort. On ceremonial occasions like Independence Day, Saraswati Pagan, Republic Day etc., he addresses the whole school, and then there is pin-drop silence for his speeches and talks are so enlightening, inspiring and thought-provoking, He is endowed with the gift of the gab. He is really an ideal teacher.