The the structure. This is because of the

The comparison between
the aesthetics and function is very challenging as they are the most important
part of design process. But when the aesthetics has an upper hand in a
structure it fails to have good functionality qualities like comfort and ergonomics.

Some say the difference between aesthetics and function has become so vague in
the design process that the functionality is totally inapt and inapplicable
towards the structure. This is because of the marketing and showing how the
products should look rather than focusing on the utilization of it. As stated
above aesthetics may be taking over functionality in many structures, however aesthetics
is a crucial part of the design process. It comprises of appearance, materiality,
composition of structure which provides necessary information about the
functionality and form of the structure. Hence, aesthetics is not only incorporated
to look appealing but also to explain the functionality: how it works, what is
it, etc.? as function defined as the modern architecture and the design philosophy
‘form follows function’ simply proposes that design process is there only to be
defined as structure and not aesthetics. This modern trend resulted in simple inorganic
forms with no ornamentation. 

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