The low angle
shot of John Doe looking up signifies the power and superiority he has within
the scene as he is familiar of what is the content of the box, unlike with Detective
Mills who is viewed as confused and provoked. The consistent shot-reverse-shot
of John Doe attempting to get Mills attention and stop him from listening to
Somerset demonstrates the tenacious nature of John Doe within him against the
antagonist. Doe then converses with Mills about how much he ‘admires’ his life
and his ‘pretty little wife’. From this point of the scene we as the audience can
feel the heavy tension going on within the scene. The monotone voice oh John
Doe suggests that he does not care about anything and is willing to make Mills
lose everything. We as the audience can hear the diegetic shouting of Somerset
in the background. The hand-held shots was effectively used in a wide shot of
Somerset rushing in towards Mills and John Doe creating anticipation and exhilaration
as the camera makes the audience experience the chaotic action happening in the