It and slightly burnt bricks. They possess

It has been
established that even in obscure ancient establishments bricks were the basic substance
used for construction. This might be credited to various favorable
circumstances it offers over other accessible materials of development like
stones and cement such as – availability, construction mechanism, shape and
size, treatment and cost. Bricks can have various characterizations:


based on Manufacturing:

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On the basis of manufacture these are
broadly categorized into two – Unburnt bricks and Burnt Bricks. Unburnt bricks
are those which are dried with the assistance of sun after moulding. These are
used for temporary and shabby structures, and our not weather-resistant. While,
the Burnt bricks are set up by burning the brick-mould in the klin. These are
regularly utilized for construction purpose and further bring us to the second


based on Quality:


Incidental to quality, the Indian Standard
of Bricks Classification and Specification classifies them into three classes:


Bricks: These are 19 x 9 x 9 cm uniform red or brown bricks with a plain
surface and sharp edges. They possess a compressive strength
of minimum 140 kg/cm2, water absorption of less than 15% and are machine
moulded. Most suitable for exterior wall construction and flooring.


Bricks: These are uniform coloured bricks but uneven and slightly burnt bricks.
They possess a compressive strength of
minimum 70 kg/cm2, water absorption of larger than 22% and are hand moulded. They
are utilized in internal walls.


Bricks: These are hand-moulded, non-uniform colored distorted bricks which are
either burnt to a large extent or under burnt. They possess a compressive strength
of above 70-80 kg/cm2, water absorption of larger than 28%. They are comprised in
flooring, paving and in brick bat limit concrete.