875 Words Essay on The Age of Technology

The technology which is presently beginning to be manipulated and harnessed is affecting the minds of small children and adolescents in ways that could be harmful. It is affecting our immediate future. It also gives another form of communication and exchange of information which was not available before, information that is both good and bad.

Different elements affect how satisfied we are with our lives. The impact of technology on these elements can change how safe, healthy and happy people feel. Throughout history, people have looked for better ways to meet their needs and to satisfy their expectations.

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Technology has improved the way people feed, clothe and shelter themselves. Technology has also changed other aspects of everyday life, such as health care, education, job satisfaction, and leisure time activities. People have used technology since they first chipped stone blades to improve their hunting.

Technology is often considered a key to a nation’s economic growth. Most economists would say that it is one of the factors in economic growth. Jobs may be lost in one industry, such as agriculture but new jobs may emerge in other sectors of the economy.

There may be more jobs or, in some case, completely new kinds of jobs. Technology may also be used to solve urgent problems. Our growing population is using up infinite supplies of natural resources. Innovations in technology can allow for more efficient use of limited or scarce resources.

Today, several important new advances in technology are transforming. These technologies create new products; most of them also change the way people in society interact. These technologies have a tremendous impact on our monetary resources.

Although robotics have a well-established position in the Japanese industry, it has not, so far, turned out to be what many experts thought it would. The general trend of the use of robotics is likely to change, perhaps dramatically, in the next two decades.

Robots are in one sense collections of other more basic technologies: sensors, controlling and analysis software, pattern recognition capabilities and so on. Most all of these other technologies will make significant strides in capability, size, power requirements, and other design characteristics and the integration of these other advances should accrue directly to robotics.

Robots are machines which combine computer technology with industrial machines. The computers are programmed to operate the machines. Robots are gradually being introduced on assembly lines in some industries. In automated factories, the amount produced by each human worker increases tremendously, but robots are very expensive for industries to buy.

Only large industries, such as the auto industry, currently develop, though, the cost of robots is dropping and improvements to robots are making them more flexible so more manufacturers will find them useful.

Extraordinary Technology Computers are used in most manufacturing industries today. Computers are used to automate processes in much faster ways. These can be office procedures such as word processing or book-keeping, or production processes such as cutting and assembling clothes.

Computers are becoming an important part of industrial design. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are new terms which describe the important role computers have come to play in our industry. The wide use to computers has stimulated companies which manufacture the many parts needed to make and operate them.

Some people, however feel that computer technology has gone too far. It may create problems such as machine errors in people’s records and banks and governments may gain access to private financial information. Computerization has made it easier for banks to keep track of individual baking transactions so charges for these have increased.

Branch-bank employees worry that computers and automated tellers may replace people. While technological change has been a priority for banks over the last years, they also recognize the need to communicate in person with customers. Banks must manage money and data effectively but they must also maintain personal relations.

Bank personnel may be assisted with computer and some services may work well when automated, but banks will probably never lose their staffs to machines. A new, information-technology-driven circle of growth has replaced the aging manufacturing ring and scarcely not many have noticed.

With the new wave of the Internet minds of not only small children, but also adolescents and adults become influenced by this outside information. As the mind develops, things such as pornography is no longer the main concern. Now, because of the easy access to information, the fourteen years old who has just discovered that she failed ninth grade can find out how to make a bomb out of household detergents. As can the laid-off business man, the dumped boyfriend, and the deranged psycho.

Technology is not all bad. The whole point of this is that people have to be sure that everyone is aware of all the good and bad aspects of technology.