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85% of the world’s population consider themselves lacking in self-esteem. This translates to roughly six-and-a-half billion people in the world that lack confidence in their personal abilities or qualities. Self-esteem is considered important, both in business and in personal life, and serves as a stepping stone for so many other important qualities in life, and other things, like setting goals and developing character. Today I will be explaining why those things are important. Instilling confidence in others is vital, as self-confidence is extremely important in today’s world. However, in the business world, it is crucial. Self confidence is one of the key things interviewers look for. If you do not seem confident in the abilities you list and the questions you answer, you might not even be considered for the job. However, confidence is not a one-and-done thing. Once you get a job, you have to work hard to maintain the self confidence you entered the job with. If you are confident, you will be more likely to gain trust easier. This means that you can hastily gain trust of people like clients, co-workers, and others, all from having an aura of confidence about you. Doing this will improve your job performance tenfold. Once you have instilled self-confidence in yourself and others, the next step is to set occupational goals. Occupational goals are goals which will help you get further in your career. There are two different types: short-term goals and long-term goals. Long-term occupational goals are things like getting promoted, getting a raise, or obtaining a leadership position. There are also short-term occupational goals, which include smaller things, like getting more on-the-job experience, or developing skills important to your job. These are things that may seem less important, but are easier to achieve than long-term goals and they may also help you achieve long-term goals in the future. Merriam-Webster defines character as “the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation.” Character is also a truly important business quality, important in both small and large businesses. The character that you portray while meeting clients or investors will represent your company, and can make a difference from making a deal or not making one. One of the qualities attributed to your character is patriotism. Patriotism is pride in one’s country. By having immense pride in your country, you inspire those around you do to the same. Once you have pride in your country, you will eventually find yourself having pride in smaller things, from your state, to your town, to even the job that you have. Although it is important to attain the quality that is patriotism, it is also important that you also have a basic understanding of the history of your country. AEI Citizenship reports that only one-third of Americans can pass the civics test required to become a U.S. citizen, compared to ninety-seven percent of immigrants.  In conclusion, having self-confidence, setting goals, fostering patriotism, and maintaining a superior character are all qualities that are intensely important. They are important both in the business world and in your personal life. They are both important in getting a job and maintaining it for years to come. Qualities like character and self-confidence are crucial in attracting potential investors and clients. And although it is great to display these qualities in yourself, it is even better to instill these qualities in others.