2a. 2011). When referring to English as lingua

2a. Terminologies

the paper, there will be various terminologies used to develop and elaborate
the discussion. Language diversity refers to the existence of multiple
languages of speakers from different cultures and backgrounds within the same
work group (Feely & Harzing, 2003; Henderson, 2005; Lauring & Selmer,
2011). When referring to English as lingua franca, it is commonly defined as
the communication in English between speakers with different native languages (Seidlhofer, 2005).

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2b. Overview of

section 3, the relevant literature review will be discussed to summarize the
literature on the purpose of the paper. Following section 4 with the main
findings: section 4a relates to the positive aspects of language diversity and
section 4b discusses the positive aspects of the use of English as a lingua
franca. Next, section 4c provides recommendations on how managers and employees
could communicate more effectively. Lastly, section 5 provides the conclusion
of the paper with the ending statements.