“Make Jesus your CEO,” on page 531, out of the Sociology
textbook, written by John J. Macionis and Linda M. Gerber, was viewed through a
symbolic-interaction perspective, using a micro analysis of its approach and
its congregation. The theorists analyze their different sociological targets by
assessing the meaning that people place on events, objects and attitudes. These
theorists believe that people participate in the creation of reality – their
belief structure helps construct society. The researchers collected their
information using the method called participant observation  – a research method used with interpretive
sociology (Macionis& Gerber, 2018, 40). The observers focus on the congregation’s
activities. For example, they mention a variety of age groups but focus on children
playing in the gym, while teens have fun on the dance floor (Macionis&
Gerber, 2018, 531). It is apparent that the researchers placed themselves in
the church to observe members in their “natural” state. Associated with the
symbolic-interaction approach, the researchers focus on how the people interact
with the church. The researchers used qualitative analysis, instead of statistical
data. They interpret the reasons why the church is successful through their own

The symbolic interaction approach also concludes that people
change society in their own subjective way and therefore that this church has
evolved while others haven’t and its congregation views it positively.  The writers display the church’s modern music
that could be played on today’s radio (Macionis & Gerber, 2018, 531). This church
has evolved to align with today’s society – it is enticing and entertaining. Religion
isn’t forced upon children and young adults. They actively choose it, because
of the way the church has conformed to modern norms. The church even has its
own logo for coffee, reminding one of popular shops such as Starbucks, which is
a symbol of social networking What is interesting about the observers’ conclusions
is that this religious reality is indeed constructed by both those running the
church and those attending and that it is indeed successful (Macionis&
Gerber, 2018, 60).

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