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The uses and advantages of broadcasting are too many to count. It is not only an effective medium of mass education and information but also a great and cheap source of mass entertainment. It is used to broadcast songs, music, plays, talks, lectures, advertisements etc., in a very effective manner. In spite of the fact that now there is television; the utility of broadcasting is still great. Its popularity and mass-appeal is still assured. There might be initial setback to its popularity, but ultimately it will be victorious in the race. In developing and underdeveloped countries it would remain a boon for many years to come. Masses of classes listen to radio broadcasts with great interest and enthusiasm.

It is because of broadcasting that people in the far- flung villages and hamlets do not feel isolated or starved of news and information. They listen to educative talks, lectures, news, weather forecasts, songs, devotional shamans, music etc., on their radio-sets. It has helped them to broaden their horizons of knowledge and wisdom, to keep pace with the changing times. They spend much/of their spare time in listening radio broadcasts. Even very poor people can now afford to buy a radio-set or a transistor radio. They are so cheap, handy and convenient that they have caught the fancy of every man and woman in the street, village, town and market-place. It has proved a boon and bonanza to millions and millions of people throughout the world. The students, farmers and others have profited much through broadcasting. It has helped a lot in the spread of education. For distance education it is being used on a mass scale in India, China, Pakistan, Egypt, Africa etc.

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The farmers and agriculture Sits are now better equipped to grow three or more crops because of broadcasting. Now they have better crops and cattle-yield as various problems related to them are discussed on the radio and suitable solutions offered. They are told about improved inputs like seeds, manures, fertilizers, implements for conservation of water and energy, control of pests and irrigation systems. The timely and almost accurate weather forecasts have further helped the farmers.

The businessmen and traders have also immensely benefited by radio. The commercial utility of radio is great and undisputed. All people may not read, but they can hear and understand what is said on radio. As a means of mass and cheap means of advertising, radio have no rivals. It has given tremendous boost to trade, business and consumerism. Advertisements on radio have helped people to choose better and more easily. It has also generated healthy competition, and prices have considerably come down. The quality and variety of products have also improved. On the whole, broadcasting has proved a great blessing and boon to all classes of the society as a multi­purpose media.

People are now less superstitious because of broadcasting facilities available. They do not live any more in a narrow world of their own. They are now well-aware of their rights and duties. They now know what is happening around them in the world on national and international levels. They are now in a far better position to form their opinion on various issues affecting them. Their political and social consciousness has tremendously increased. Their outlook and horizon on life and its issues have positively broadened.

Undoubtedly, broadcasting has been serving many useful purposes. It has also helped in keeping the speeches of great men, music of great masters recorded in the form of discs and tapes which can be replayed at any time and as many times as required. It has also ushered in a new sense of internationalism and world brotherhood. Now the world has turned into a community of nations in the real sense of the term, and no nation feels isolated or ignored.