Fashions mark the social progress, cultural wealth and

Fashions are very comprehensive and all-inclusive. They also mark the social progress, cultural wealth and economic prosperity. That is why rich and prosperous cities like Bombay, Delhi, Paris, London etc., have always been the centers and birth­places of fashions.

The thirst for fashions is insatiable. Every day there are changes in dresses, hair styles, manners, jeweler etc. Man likes originality but also imitation. Only a few can be original. The masses always follow them and this generates rise and fall of waves of fashions. For example, there was a time when bell-bottoms were in vogue. Soon they were replaced by skirts and saris among the young ladies.

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Films, the small screen of the TV, the magazines; fashion shows, gatherings, free mixing up Of sexes at hotels, restaurants and theatres are a great source of frequent and quick change in fashions. Young boys and girls like to follow their favorite heroes, heroines; film, TV and cricket-stars, in fashions, styles, etiquettes and manners. They never like to be labeled as old-fashioned or out-of-date. For them to be in current fashion and vogue is to be up-to-date, well mannered and well-behaved. They chase fashions and fashions chase them. But when this race of fashion is full of obsession it is not good. To be ~ fashionable reasonably is always desirable and good, but madness can cause much harm. It may result in waste of money, energy and time. Moreover, only wealthy people can afford to be ever in fashion and prevailing mode of styles in dress, food, manners and social behaviour.

Fashion-consciousness has given rise to a big fashion industry. Millions and millions of rupees are being invested to cater to the ever changing tastes of people with regard to dress, hairstyle, decoration and personal care. There are big fashion firms of designers, artists and artisans ever engaged in creating new designs and fashions. It has given rise to an unprecedented fashion consumerism. These people are virtually minting money. There are frequent and repeat fashion shows. Models are used to display latest fashions at fashion shows. Fashion parades are held at Five-star hotels and in grand exhibitions. People want the latest in everything. Therefore, fashion- designing has become a vast and well-organised business.

Day and night, new fashions and styles are being created. They are being imported from famous countries like London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Rome, Berlin or Hollywood. But it is bad to be crazy after fashions: Fashions are for you and not you for fashions. Fashions should not, and cannot, be mistaken for success, intelligence or up-to-date knowledge. Fashions should not be followed at the cost of time, too much money, studies, work and struggle to achieve something better. A balance should always be maintained. Excess of everything is always bad. We should not forget that simplicity is the best and ever green fashion. Fashion-consciousness should never be allowed to generate complexes.

It is human nature to dress well and attractively. It pleases one another and promotes togetherness. It also makes atmosphere lively and pleasant. But aping others, without consideration of our age-old and healthy traditions, cultural roots and heritage, is not desirable. We should not reject anything new and novel in the name of tradition, nor should we accept it blindly. A fashion may be posh but not necessarily always acceptable, appreciable or affordable.