The needs of developing countries, national programme

The emergency of Alma Ata
declaration came at the neck of deteriorating health problems, that world had experienced.
Particularly, the health care status was not good of hundred or more than
countries or totally defunct. Especially the situation of developing countries
was detracted. The very objective of the health policy addresses the inadequate
and in equitable health disparity along with unequal resource distribution
between haves and have not’s and provide better health care facilities. Before
moving on Alma Ata declaration, it is necessary to understand the background of
this type health care policy. Some of key personnel those who tried their best
to create this policy by their direct and indirect effort, that took shape of
Alma Ata declaration. During the time of cold war the hegemony of America was
embroiled in crisis of its own world hegemony. The vertical disease control
programme lead by USA and UNISEF was strongly criticized. The work of Bryant
John, Carl Taylor Newell, and Thomas Mckeown work has had profound impact for
formulating primary health care in developing countries. They has had strong
disagree on the medicalisation of medical profession and growing curative space
in health care services. The Cultural Revolution in china had excellent effect
on imbibing the primary health care movement through their barefoot doctors,
and their novel human touch to prevent and cure the disease of patient. And
least but not last the effort of Mahler contribution has had immensely valuable
in establishing the root of primary health care in world scenario. His vast
experienced in community health helped him to prepare such type of policy.
During 1975 joint work of WHO and UNICEF formulate alternative approach to
meeting basic health needs of developing countries, national programme in
primary health care and Health for all by 2002. These slogans became integral
of primary health care.

The concept of corporate personality is introduced for the purpose of
conferring the feature of individuality on a corporation and its members. It
helps to change the complex form of collective ownership like in partnership,
to the simpler form of individual ownership like in a company. If for instance,
there are number of persons who own the same property, difficulty may arise as
to its management as well as its distribution especially when the company is being
wound up. Therefore, to avoid such problems, law created a fictitious legal
person viz., the corporation or a company which is attributed with the rights
and duties of its own. AM1 Corporate personality has developed over time but the purpose of this
principle still remains the same.


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