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We had hardly gone about 200 steps when we saw a huge python lying in its big cage. It was basking in the sun and was still like a stone. Its face was hid under a heap of dry grass. Its length and size amazed us all. It is said that it crushes its prey to death and then devours it.

Text we saw big parrots of the size of a Kite. They were from Africa and South America. They looked very attractive with their colorful feathers, big combs or crowns, though their voice was not so pleasant.

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Then a winding and big lake drew our attention. There were many big and small water-birds. These included tease, swans, cranes, lapping, spoonbills, herons etc. A kingfisher came there from nowhere, and diving into the water, juts a small fish. It looked like a light but bright blue light in its flight: While it flew eater, it gave out a shrill cry. Next, we saw the birds of many sizes, shapes anis songs. They were all chirping in an enchanting harmony. There were bulbul, manias, parrots, pigeons, nappies, pintails and others. In a small cage there was a pair of golden oriole. They sang so sweetly. It was for the first time that I saw this lovely bird. Their brilliant golden yellow wings, with streaks of black, made them very attractive to look at. Their song was more so because of its sweet melodious music. Nearby, there were cages of a couple of owls. They were silent and motionless, and looked like painted pictures.

Our next attraction was the enclosures and cages of sloth and polar bears, tiger and lions. These wild beasts looked so majestic, powerful and terrifying even in their captivity. A tiger was moving ferociously. The pair of lions was sleeping in the shadow of a big rock. There were leopards and panthers as well. One of them was sitting high on a big branch of a babul tree. Then we saw wolves, foxes, a hyena and wild dogs in their respective cages and enclosures.

The enclosure to the deer was quite big, spacious and open. There were various kinds of deer including the blue bull, barking deer, stags and spotted deer. They looked so inviting and innocent with their big-big eyes. By that time we felt tired, and decided to take rest and refreshments in some shady and secluded spot.

The Delhi Zoological Park is very big and it is not possible to cover it in one visit. We decided to revisit the zoo in near future to cover the rest of the cages and enclosures. We returned home in the evening, tired but full of joy and happiness, and much new knowledge.