Horses Pratap is a famous name in history.

Horses are domesticated, for they are well-known for their speed, strength, agility, faithfulness and an unerring road sense. They are dependable friends both in war and peace. The name of the horse Chetek of Maharani Pratap is a famous name in history. They can also perform many pranks, tricks and feats. It is really delightful to see a horse dance or perform tricky jumps. Similarly, elephants have been great and reliable friends of mankind from times immemorial. An elephant is very intelligent, brave, faithful and hardworking animal. It can be used in fights, to carry loads, for rides and hunting. Being an intelligent animal, it never forgets both the acts of kindness and acts of wrongdoing.

Donkeys, camels, yaks, bullocks are the beasts of burden. They serve us in a way that none can do. Similarly, the cow is kept as a pet for its milk, dung and hide. In western countries cow-meat is also eaten with relish. But in India cow is worshipped by the Hindu as mother, and held in much respect. She is a symbol of holiness, care, affection and innocence.

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Monkeys are also our friends. They are made pets to perform tricks. They are also used in the discovery of medicines. Whenever a new medicine is discovered, it is first tried on them. Birds like parrots, bulbuls, manias etc., are kept as pets for their sweet songs. Kites, crows and vultures are also our friends. They are scavenging birds and keep our surroundings neat and clean. Really, these animals and birds are great and reliable friends of ours. Without them life would have lost half of its charm and usefulness. We should always be kind to them.