The death of a musical legend is worth commemorating by some people especially the death of Lemme Kilmister’s frontman.

Lemmy Kilmister is a living legend in the arena of loud music especially his work with the band that brought up his name Motorhead.

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News of Lemmy Kilmister’s death has spread through all generations and genres of rock community such as Ozzy Osbourne’s example to Dave Grohl giving their last respects.

Not only Ozzy Obourne and Dave Grohl alone but Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor also respected the legend of Motorhead, ;

In a statement Slipknot and Stone Sour express his pain in an interview session with The Guardian,;

Corey Says ;”The guitar guitars are smuggling razors, the drums rumble and through it … there’s Lemmy Kilmister, playing bass and pulling his neck to sing to a mic that seems always a bit too tall, until you realize it’s true,” ;

“I sat stunned, unable to describe what I saw or heard, and could not understand why I liked it straight away. But it does not matter if I do not understand. I just know it’s kicking ass.”;

In a question and answer session with The Guardian Corey Taylor talks about the close relationship between him and Lemmy ;

“traveling around the world together at various festivals and meeting each other at the awards show.” Corey reveals

He then shared his “favorite story” of the years that took place at the Gibson Guitars Germany office, where rockers gathered to inspect new equipment, press and “sign nonsense.” They end up standing outside “smoking, crap and laughing like crazy.” ;

“That’s when Lemmy kept telling me the loudest joke I’ve ever heard,” Taylor mused. ;

“I can’t say it here because it will never be published, but it involves grandma and elbow.I laugh out loud so I think my pancreas will break.As I breathe, I have a feeling where I am: hiding in a room small, smoking, telling dirty jokes and hanging out with my friend, who happens to be a man I’ve listened to all my life I’ll lie if I say No small fanboy moment. ” ;

Taylor ended not in mourning, but with the celebration of Lemmy’s life  

“He plays the music he loves, he never compromises, with style or volume, if there is someone who does not take dirt, prisoners or safe routes, it is Lemmy Kilmister He is everything you want: raw, hard, rough, funny and ready to play for his fans – which he does even when he has trouble climbing onstage He will never be forgotten, for there are many things to keep in mind: his music, his friendship and most of all his life.”

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