Since its ramparts. All government and private

Since then, Independence Day is traditionally celebrated with fill zeal, fervor and great excitement. Every particle and pollen in the air seems to be charged with the love of the motherland on this particular day. One can see small children carrying small Tri-colours in their hands running with zeal towards their schools early in the morning for flag hoisting ceremonies in the schools. Every vehicle, tempo, auto rickshaw, has a tri-colour flying on a top of it. Songs full of patriotism can be heard at every street corner.

The day is celebrated with great fervor and people pay homage to the thousands of lives laid down by great men and women, they remember the countless sacrifices made and they glorify the great Indian tradition and culture with which we have enriched the world.

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The prime minister of India hoists the flag at the Red fort and gives a traditional speech addressing the people of India from its ramparts. All government and private institutions, schools, colleges and universities celebrate this day of great historical importance by hoisting the Tri-colour and distributing sweets and ladoos. People sing the National Anthem and patriotic songs and hear speeches which relate this glorious and long struggle, the sacrifice and great deeds of the people.

Even the Television Channels and Radio programmes are surcharged with patriotism. Films based on patriotic themes are telecast to let the people and children know about the various incidents of our freedom struggle to inspire love for our motherland. Newspapers too print special editions relating inspirational stories of great men excerpted from great books written by the great men.

Independence Day, thus, is an important day in the life of every Indian. Year after year, it reminds us of the great sacrifice and struggle made by our freedom fighters to free Mother India from foreign rule. It reminds us of the great ideals which were the foundation of the dream of a free India, envisioned and realized by the founding fathers. It also reminds us that our forefathers have done their share of duty. It lies in our hands now how do we shape and form the future of our country. They have done their parts and have done it really well. The country now looks up to us so that we may do our part now.