The tamed the forces of nature only

The uses of electricity in our daily life are too numerous to be counted. It has transformed our life into a wonderful world of ease, comfort, luxury and convenience. It has revolutionised our world of entertainment with the invention of cinema, radio, TV, VCR, VIC and other audio and video systems. Man has taken great strides; he has reached the moon and tamed the forces of nature only because of electricity. Its contribution in mining, construction, irrigation and such other activities has also been very significant. The invention of atomic energy has further broadened the scope of utility of electricity and power, ‘it has virtually opened many new avenues and vistas of energy, power, progress and prosperity.

We have hydro and thermal electricity and atomic energy. Then there are various non-conventional sources of power and energy like the sun, tidal waves, wind etc. With rapid progress of science and technology, the demand for electricity and power has been increasing rapidly. To meet this ever increasing demand of power, all these sources are being increasingly tapped and used. Even thunder-storms can be used to generate huge amount of power and energy.

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Electricity is another name of progress and prosperity. Want of it may plunge any nation into a deep crisis. Its availability in abundance turns a nation into a big power house and very advanced industrialized country. Therefore, all possible efforts are to be made to avoid energy-crisis. The deposits of coal and oil are limited. They may not last long. And atomic and nuclear power has many inherent risks. Sometimes it may prove very dangerous. Therefore, it is imperative that more and more sources of non-conventional and renewable nature like the sun, the wind, the waves etc., are harnessed.