On the development of communication work. The coming

On the strength of our great man-power and successful, functioning of democratic governance, our voice would be heard with utmost attention in the World Community. We would be a member of the Security Council and are sure to be treated as a big World Power as are the U.S. and the USSR these days.

In computer and information technology, as well as in health-services, our experts and specialists will be holding highly responsible positions all over the world. The country will make great strides in agriculture and armaments owing to which, we shall be a major supplier of food grains and military hardware to other countries of the world.

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I see an exceptionally bright future for India in the exploration of the space. Our astronauts will not only travel in Indian made rockets in the space on a regular basis; but would also succeed in landing on the moon.

Some of our space missions would explore the Mars and other planets. There would be successful launching and establishing in the space of many of our satellites that would forecast on weather, send pictures of high mountain tops, rivers and oceans and help us in the development of communication work.

The coming years may also bring into limelight some young, energetic, highly educated, dedicated leaders at the national level. They are sure to come to the forefront of the governance, take over the reins from the old guards and steer the country out of its present mess.

Politics of caste, religion and favouritism may be a thing of the past. The policy of giving jobs on the basis of recommendation and reservation is likely to yield to merit and qualification.

By the year 2020, I visualize most of the great cities of the country going in for their own individual Metros, which would not only reduce pollution but would make local transportation safe and fast. Even the long distance trains are sure to start moving faster, be less crowded and prove to be safer.

The over­all living standard of the people would rise; television-sets and phones would be available in all the houses and so would increase the number of mobiles and cars. However, parking problem may worsen.

The rush of the people from rural areas to the cities is sure to be arrested as all our villages are going to be, virtually/ self-sufficient in all respects, including transport, health, education, power and marketing.

Each village would have a focal point for the new industries to be established and prosper. There would be local purchasing centers, thus avoiding the need to go to a city for selling the farm produce.