technology is improving healthcare facilities and improving communication
between patients and doctors in third world countries. Third world countries
don’t have the same resources available as first world countries. In Kenya, the
health systems are weak in the many rural malaria-endemic areas are the focus
area for researchers to try and combat the malaria epidemic (Zurovac,
Talisuna and Snow 2012). Just a simple SMS to a healthcare service can improve
the livelihood of the community and advance the supply of healthcare services (Zurovac, Talisuna and Snow 2012). In
India, a tablet based disease surveillance system was placed in five hospitals
to record the healthcare needs of individuals attending a fifty-five-day
festival (Kazi, Greenough, Madhok, Heerboth, Shaikh, Leaning and Balsari 2016).

Using mobile technology to record information is much more reliable than
paper-based records as no information can get lost or destroyed during the
chaos of approximately 50000 outpatients in three weeks (Kazi, Greenough,
Madhok, Heerboth, Shaikh, Leaning and Balsari 2016). Mobile technology is
transforming healthcare systems in third world countries to improve the way of
life and communication.

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