1. be mailed to the user can actually

1.      Easy to measure:
It is easy to track your campaign with the help of open tools like web
analytics software, click through rate and conversion rate, etc. Easily
analyzed how the campaign is going on and how a campaign can be improved.


2.      Higher Success Rate:
Email can be targeted to any specific customer or the fans of your brand. It
definitely increases the click through rate and enhance the user experience. It
can be used to reach large audience and small targeted lists.

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3.      Easy to use: It
is very easy to use email marketing and run a campaign through email. All you
need to have is to create a good campaign that can explain everything to the
customer within a few seconds, but, it must be used for a specific target
audience, so that it may not create any bad user experience.


4.      Subscription and Newsletter: User
of any service can subscribe the newsletter of that website in order to get the
new arrival and updates. The newsletter keeps their client up to date and can
create a better user experience. Many sites keep it compulsory to subscribe or
sign up for a newsletter, it seems annoying if it is not demanding.


5.      Increase Brand Awareness: Every
email that can be mailed to the user can actually aware the user with the type
of business and brand. So whenever a customer thinks about any particular
service there must be certain chances of getting those leads as clients.


6.      Segmentation: Segmentation
helps to differentiate the database of customers and users, so that campaign
can be used effectively between the users and customers to convert leads into
sales. Before applying Email Marketing service to the business a segmented
database must be there, so that it will spread a positive experience between


7.      People prefer Emails: According
to the research most of the users prefers to get emails of their favorite
brands rather than seeing their ads on social media and other platform.