Advertisement his taste, pocket and occasion. This also

Advertisement is a great psychological weapon to lure customers. It also increases the prices of items to be purchased. For example, when a lady buys a cosmetic item for Rs. 100, she pays about Rs. 20 or so towards its advertisement expenses. In case of brand and standard items, the percentage of payment towards advertisement may be even higher. But advertisement offers a far greater choice in terms of quality Ana variety to the customer. A whole world of choice is before him and he can choose an item to suit his taste, pocket and occasion. This also leads to a healthy competition among producers and sellers, resulting in reduction of prices.

Advertisements generate employment opportunities as well. Commercial advertisements on radio, television and in newspapers, periodicals, and chin the form of hoardings provide employment to millions of people. There are many advertisement agencies that specialize in this field and possess great expertise. These advertisements also help in subsidizing the prices of newspapers, magazines and various means of entertainment like radio and TV.

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Advertisements appeal to our senses. They catch our eyes, attract us, appeal to our sense of hearing, fire our imagination, exploit us psychologically and then they compel us to buy the product. The good and meaningful advertisements are colorful, inviting, catching, novel, distinct and brilliant. They are often repeated to make desirable impression on the viewers or listeners,

Budget on advertising has been increasing by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is a must for each and every businessman to increase his sale. It is no use producing goods without selling them on reasonable profit margins. Advertising is a powerful and effective means to achieve this goal.

Advertising is both art and technique. If fairly practiced and used, advertisement is for the benefit of all. But in many cases the advertisements are deceptive, and simply to fool the consumers. Dishonest and unscrupulous people use advertising to serve their own selfish ends. They are a big spot and shame on the fair name of healthy and competitive business. Against such people there should be proper consumer awareness and movement. In the long run, it is honesty that pays.