They and six 50s. Dr. Ali Bacher,

They are Sir Vivian Richards, Garfield Sobers, Graemen Pollock and, of course, Tendulkar. While on the field, he seems to be possessed by the All Powerful. Owing to his form, unusual game and great capacity to outmaneuver his opponents, his friends admire him in reverence; his rivals lose their guts and stamina at his sight; youngsters adore him and the elderly shower their blessings on him.

Leaving his past record-breaking performances aside, we can mention his latest surprises at Centurion in South Africa for assuring his team the entry into the Super Six in the World Cup. With 98 off 75 at a terrific speed, he put India through to the Super Six and Pakistan out of the World Cup.

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The same day, he completed 12,000 runs in ODIs and became the first to make 1500 runs in the history of the World Cup. The Master Blaster tamed Akhtar in less than two over and left everyone speechless with his stunning assault.

The happiest crowning moment in Sachin’s career was witnessed in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Sunday, March 23, 2003. It was the closing day of World Cup Jamboree, where the Master Blaster was given the prestigious the man of the tournament award. He had scored 673 runs at an average of 61.18 in the tournament, a new record aggregate, with one century and six 50s.

Dr. Ali Bacher, Executive director of CWC 2003, had correctly remarked, “We wanted this to be the Best World Cup ever, and Sachin’s brilliant batting has helped the tournament captivate many millions of people around the cricketing world.”

Sachin is a rare gem for his innumerable fans all over the world. He is one of the youngest players, is exceptionally smart and agile, is quick in his response and has unusual physical talents. He has outstanding balance, is highly competitive, has rare speed and is gifted with exceptional temperament.

He has the desire to be the best and has unmatchable mental ability. He plays well against quality, pace and spins. His clashes with Shane Warne in Australia have provided some excellent theatre. His record in the past games is just superb which makes him a true champion in the world of cricket in the real sense.