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The widely used piece of evidence for supporting Evolution is that apes and humans have the same ancestry; there are evidences that suggest this idea. For example, Thomas Henry Huxely, the author of “Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature,” compared the skeletons of apes and humans, and found out that they have similar bone structures.

A British paleontologist named Charles Dawson also provided evidence by discovering some pieces of human skull with an ape-like lower jaw with two teeth. The criticism for the statement that apes and humans have the same ancestry will be discussed. This statement has been proven to be incorrect.

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After careful inspection, it was discovered that the skull belongs to a present day human and that the jaw has been chemically treated to make it look like a fossil and that the teeth had been deliberately filed down to make them look human.

Thus, the discovery can not be used as evidence for the statement, which leaves it without any evidence. Hence, the statement is still invalid and thus can not be used to support evolution.

Similar to the theory of Evolution, the theory of Creation also has both evidence and criticism. One substantial piece of evidence for creation is that there are no intermediate fossils. The absence of intermediate fossils indicates that organisms did not evolve into other organisms.

The fossil records also provide people with another piece of evidence for creation. It is an absolute fact that life appears in complex forms and that gaps appear systematically between various living kinds in the fossil. This suggests that life was obviously created, not coming through evolution.

Along with evidence, creation faces some criticism. The one criticism that many have about creation is that all people acknowledge that non-living things do not perform any kinds of actions unless an outside force is exerted and that all religions that believe in some type of creator do not state that their creator is a non-living thing. Thus, the intelligent being must have the six characteristics of life because he is also a living thing.

Following the theory of creation, there must be another intelligent being above God who created God, oxygen, and the creatures. And there would be another intelligent being that created the latter. Hence, there would be numerous intelligent beings.

However, this fact contradicts the biblical belief that there is only one God. Despite its criticism, the theory of Creation seems to be the true explanation for the origin of organisms.

This is because none of the evidence for evolution answers how life first originated. Thus, a majority of people are convinced that there existed some kind of an intelligent being and that he created organisms through a supernatural process.