His pretentious. He is reasonably kind and

His regard or consideration for others is exhibited in his behavior towards others. To his seniors he is always respectful without being servile. And his equals find him sweet and polite without being pretentious. He is reasonably kind and considerate to his juniors without showing favour or bias to anyone.

A gentleman’s attitude towards his subordinates or inferiors and his treatment of them is his real test. He does not need to shout or yell at them, for he commands willing and automatic respect. It comes without his asking for it.

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He never bullies those who can’t resist. Nor does he exploit the weak or the helpless, for he knows that it is an act of cowardice. He is a source of great support and encouragement for those around him. He is brave and daring to the core and willingly runs to help women, children, the weak and the elderly.

A true gentleman is always frank and open-minded. He, therefore, never takes sides. He has no tongue or ears for back­biting or gossip. He is known for being upright and straightforward. For him, all other people around him are gentlemen like him. A true gentleman is greatly careful of his health and physique and hence his liking for games and sports.

He is always fair to everybody and never thinks of taking unfair advantage. He is never mean or unfair, even when the things do not move according to the plan. Success never turns his head, failure never makes him lose his heart, or give up the battle for good.

He is always cheerful under all circumstances and looks to the bright side of life. If he fails, he says, “Fail I alone in words or deeds; while all man strive and who succeeds?” He always sees a ray of bright hope through the darkness of occasional setbacks.

He is immensely courteous and polite in his bearing and behaviour. He is humble to the core. He never speaks of himself except when compelled. He is graceful without being snobbish. He is strong-willed and firm in determination without being arrogant. “Propriety of manners and consideration for others are the two main hallmarks of a gentleman,” according to Disraeli.