The habit becomes so confirmed that the victim becomes a slave to the drug. If he or she doesn’t take it regularly, he or she feels something missing and even greatly depressed with acute pain and numbness in legs and arms. Drugs are of many kinds like opium, heroin, ganja, charas etc.

There are also some injections which induce intense drowsiness. If a drug-addict is unable to get the required drug at the proper time, he or she would be ready to get it at any cost even by selling out his or her shirt or shoes.

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He or she may consume large quantities of cough syrups and the like which induce drowsiness. Withdrawal symptoms are acute and serious. A lot of money is involved in drugs. For instance, one kg. Of heroin is valued at 1-crore rupees in the international market. That is why the drug mafia is so active.

The government has opened certain drug de-addiction centers where the drug-addicts should be taken at the earliest before then- condition becomes horrible which may finally prove fatal.