385 Words Essay on Joan of Arc

Therefore, it was without royal support that Joan conducted (1430) a military operation against the English at Campaigned, near Paris. Bourguignon soldiers, who sold her to their English allies, captured her. The English then turned her over to an ecclesiastical court at Rouen to be tried for heresy and sorcery.

After 14 months of examination, she was accused of wrongdoing in wearing masculine dress and of heresy for believing she was directly responsible to God rather than to the Roman Catholic Church. The court condemned her to death, but she confessed to her errors, and the sentence was changed to life imprisonment.

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Since she resumed masculine dress after returning to jail, she was condemned again this time by a secular court-and on May 30, 1431. Joan was burned at the stake in the Old Market Square at Rouen as a relapsed misbeliever.

Twenty-five years later after her death, the church retried her case, and she was pronounced innocent. In 1920, Pope Benedict XV blessed her; her traditional feast day is May 30. Until today, Joan of Arc has been widely illustrated in literature and art.