But meritorious student right from the school

But right from his childhood, he had been very hardworking, diligent and sincere to his ambition, which was to work whole-heartedly to complete his education and reach the top of the ladder. Consequently, he had always been a meritorious student right from the school level to his doctorate days.

He did his M.A. in Economics from Punjab and Ph.D from Oxford. He was honored with a doctorate even by the University of Cambridge for his vast knowledge of the subject and acumen ship in September 2006.

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Dr. Man Mohan Singh started his career as a university lecturer, including his assignment with the D.U. His other assignment, consisted of his job with the World Bank, Governorship of the Reserve Bank of India, Finance Consultant and the Finance Minister in the government of late Mr. Narsimha Rao.

His inclusion in the cabinet of P.M. Rao marked his entry into the activities of the Congress Party. He took oath of the Prime Minister ship on May 22, 04. Though the opposition had predicted his fall within six months, Dr. Singh is still guiding the destiny of his country.

It goes to his credit that he is successfully leading a coalition of about twenty-two parties of differing ideologies and views.

May Mr. Singh live for many-many years to make India a developed, prosperous, wealthy nation!