It is with great
interest that I am applying for the Sales Representative position as advertised
in the LinkedIn. I hope that I have great the opportunity to occupy this job. I
would bring a hard-working, service focused and mind-set to this role.


I believe that my
skills- sets and my experiences will meet your job requirements. I graduated
from the University of Dunaujvaros, Hungary in 2014 majoring in Business
Administration and Management. In my previous career, I have been three years
of experience working as a Sales Representative position in two different
companies. I had the following tasks resource; improve
proposal creation and presentation, generate market interest and close sales by
executing product and segment marketing activities such as: projects, surveys,
campaigns, site visits and or promotions.

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I have spacious knowledge about sales and marketing. strong leadership,
organizational skills and high tolerance to stress, which I guess will be advantageous
for my job. I attached my resume to this letter to describe my detailed
experiences.  Please do not hesitate to
contact me for a meeting to talk my characteristic more. I can be reached at
647-111-2233 or by mail at [email protected]