The news that a child has the
possibility of being at risk from developmental disability is often among the
most terrifying information that parents will acquire. It is a distressing
situation to a family. The response of the parents to the diagnosis of the
child may differ widely depending on a range of factor such as: how parents
handle challenging situations, solidity of the marital relationship, the
parents’ expectations, social class and so on. Recurrent responses are
embarrassment, sorrow, rage and disbelief.

Notifying parents of the child’s
disability requires great sympathy and understanding. Having a child with
disability upset all members of the family but the acceptance of the child’s condition
is in part dependent on the parents’ reaction. If the parents are reasonably
optimistic about the child’s condition, the family will reflect their reaction.

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On the other hand, if the parents are disappointed, the family is more likely
to react negatively to the child with disability.